To:                  Board of Supervisors


From:              Mark Graham, Director of Community Development


Date:               20 November 2009


Subject:           Zoning Fees,  ZTA 2009-017



On November 10, 2009, the Planning Commission recommended approval (4-1) of ZTA 2009-017, Zoning Fees, with a recommendation to the Board for a fee schedule supported by the Board at its August 5, 2009 worksession.  In addition, the Planning Commission recommended the following specific changes to the zoning text amendment:


1.      The Special Use Permit for a Home Occupation, Class B, should be moved to the lower special use permit fee category, thereby reducing the fees for this application from $2,000 for the initial application fee and first resubmission, and $1,000 for each subsequent resubmission, to $1,000 and $500, respectively.


2.      No fee should be charged for temporary fund raising events, such as Boy Scout Christmas tree sales, high school group car washes and similar activities.  Staff estimates that this exemption would make a relatively small difference in the collected fees, probably in the range of $1,000 - $2,000 per year.     


3.      Postpone the effective date for the imposition of the new fee schedule until July 1, 2010.  Staff suggested the earliest it felt it could be prepared for the new fee schedule would be February 1, 2010, assuming the Board adopted the zoning text amendment in December.  As noted in the staff report, a July 1st effective date is estimated to result in approximately $100,000 less in County revenue in the current fiscal year.


Finally, while not part of the Planning Commissionís motion, there was discussion as to what should constitute a resubmission that requires a fee.   Staff noted that a revised plan was only considered a resubmission requiring a fee where an issue noted with the first review had not been addressed with the first resubmission or where a new issue arose as a result of revisions the applicant made to the plan other than in response to review comments.  It is noted that no fee is required for the first resubmission.  Additionally, staff noted a revised plan would not be considered a resubmission requiring a fee if the plan was addressing later comments raised by staff, the Planning Commission, or the Board.   This answer satisfied the Planning Commissionís questions on when a resubmission fee was expected.  


Staff recommends that the Board adopt the attached ordinance dated November 11, 2009 consistent with the Planning Commission recommendation including the changes noted above.



    A - Ordinance amending Zoning Ordinance

    B - October 7, 2009 Board Executive Summary with attachments

    C- Planning Commission minutes of October 6 and November 10, 2009

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