May 18, 2009


David C Wyant

4686 Garth Road

Crozet VA 22932


RE:       SP200800058 Harris’s Garage – Amendment

            Tax Map 8, Parcel 35A


Dear Mr. Wyant:


The Albemarle County Planning Commission, at its meeting on May 5, 2009, by a vote of 5:0, recommended approval of the above-noted petition to the Board of Supervisors.


Please note that this approval is subject to the following conditions:


  1. Development of the use shall be in accord with the conceptual plan titled “Amended Site Plan Harris’ Garage”, prepared by DW Enterprises, and dated March 16, 2009 (hereinafter, the “Conceptual Plan”), as determined by the Director of Planning and the Zoning Administrator.  To be in accord with the plan, development shall reflect the following major elements within the development essential to the design of the development:  The area designated for the special use (public garage);

  The size, height and location of the proposed buildings (16’ X 30’/maximum 24’ high);

  The size, height and location of the existing buildings/structures (original garage – 1,936 square feet/24 feet high/3 vehicle bays; garage expansion – 1,496 square feet/24 feet high/1 vehicle bay; enclosed compressor room; paint mixing room; one outside lift; one dumpster pad/fence enclosure;  3 parking spaces carport; 2 parking spaces carport);

  The number (maximum spaces public garage) and location of the vehicle parking spaces;

  The two (2) signage locations at the entrance to the special use permit area.  The signs shall state, “All vehicles beyond this point must be placed in a marked parking space” and be a maximum of four (4) square feet.

  The sign location at the area designated as “Parking for Private Vehicles.”  The sign shall state, “Parking for only personal vehicles of the Harris Family” and be a maximum of four (4) square feet.

  1. Gasoline sales are prohibited;
  2. The sale or rental of vehicles or other motorized equipment is prohibited;
  3. All repairing or equipping of vehicles shall take place inside the existing garage, with the exception of vehicles being repaired on the vehicle lift located adjacent to the garage;
  4. The outdoor storage of parts, equipment, machinery and junk is prohibited;
  5. Only personal vehicles may be parked in the area marked “parking for personal vehicles” on the Conceptual Plan. No more than fifteen (15) vehicles associated with the public garage use shall be located outside the garage.  All vehicles associated with the public garage use shall be parked in the spaces shown as “for garage only” on the Conceptual Plan. Any vehicles parked outside the area marked “parking for personal vehicles” shall be considered to be associated with the public garage and are counted in the fifteen (15) vehicle maximum;
  6. The hours of operation shall not exceed (earlier or later) 8 A.M. and 8 P.M., Monday through Saturday.  These hours of operation do not prohibit customers from dropping off vehicles before 8 A.M. on the days of operation;
  7. Within three (3) months following approval of the site plan or site plan waiver, the permittee shall install and thereafter maintain a minimum twenty (20)-foot deep landscape evergreen-screening buffer between the garage and garage parking and Markwood Road; and between the areas designated as parking for personal vehicles and Markwood Road.  .  This landscape screening shall supplement existing landscape approved with SP 2001-49 and consist of Eastern Red Cedar or other material approved by the Planning Director, a minimum feet high at planting, and planted in staggered rows with a maximum of ten (10) feet on center spacing between the landscape materials.   The permittee shall also submit a landscape plan with the site plan application that will be subject to the approval of the Planning Director or the Planning Director’s designee; and
  8. All outdoor lighting shall be only full cut-off fixtures and shielded to reflect light away from all abutting properties.  A lighting plan (for new lighting) limiting light levels at all property lines to no greater than 0.3 foot candles shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator or their designee for approval.


Critical Slopes Waiver –


1.       The eastern facing slope above the creak must be reshaped to a uniform grade not steeper than 2H:1V, covered with erosion control matting, and permanently seeded. 

2.       The retaining wall proposed in the rear of the garage building must be at least 3’ high, and topsoil, matting, and permanent seed or mulch and shrubs must be applied to the cut slope for adequate stabilization. 

3.       To provide stormwater management and replenish the buffer, the entire buffer area within the property should be planted in accordance with the Chesapeake Bay Riparian Buffers Modification and Mitigation Guidance Manual no later than three (3) months following the approval of this critical slopes waiver.  (The applicant is referred to the Restoration Establishment Tables in Appendix D, calling for canopy trees at 6’ centers, understory trees at 4’ centers, and shrubs at 18” centers.)  These shall be bonded as a guarantee of survival for a minimum of 5 years.



Please be advised that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will review this petition and receive public comment at their meeting on June 10, 2009. **PLEASE NOTE DUE TO AN ADVERTISEING ERROR THIS PROJECT WILL HAVE A SECOND HEARING AT THE PLANNING COMMISSION ON JUNE 9, 2009*


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If you should have any questions or comments regarding the above noted action, please do not hesitate to contact me at (434) 296-5832.






Joan McDowell

Principal Planner

Planning Division