Comments from the Water Resources Staff

Received via email


Taller grasses have deeper roots and protect against erosion and are more drought tolerant


Most native grasses and a lot of forbs (wildflowers) grow taller than one foot.


Native plant diversity will be lost, which is extremely important to our pollinators.


Blackberry patches will have to be mowed.


Perennials (grasses and forbs (wildflowers)) will most likely not be able to go to seed if they are maintained at 1 foot. They will not reproduce.


For visibility issues, a border of 4 to 10 feet could be mowed and maintained.


You reduce wild life habitat


You reduce carbon sequestration


There is no mention of exemptions in to the proposed code.


There are some more listed her by the Audubon society for golf course, but they seem applicable:


Repp Glaettli

Stormwater Inspector

Water Resource Division

General Services Department


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