Project Name:  SP2008-52 Forest Lakes Office Park

Staff: Summer Frederick

Planning Commission Public Hearing: 

December 9, 2008

Board of Supervisors Hearing:  TBD


OwnersHighlife LLC, c/o Downer Realty

Applicant: Highlife LLC, c/o Downer Realty

Acreage: 1.741 Acres

Rezone from: Not applicable

Special Use Permit for: Not applicable

TMP: Tax Map 46B4, Parcels 7B & 7C

Location: Southeast corner at intersection of Timberwood Boulevard (SR 1721) and Worth Crossing (SR 1722).

By-right use: R-15, Residential

Magisterial District: Rivanna

Proffers/Conditions:  Yes

Requested # of Dwelling Units/Lots: 0

DA X                          RA

Proposal:  Request for approval of existing parking spaces on lot with no primary use (stand alone parking).

Comp. Plan Designation:  Office in the Hollymead Community

Character of Property:  There is a medical office building currently located on site.

Use of Surrounding Properties:  Commercial and residential

Factors Favorable: Proposal is consistent with original concept for development.

Factors Unfavorable: none

RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends approval of the special use permit for stand alone parking in accord with Section 18-4.12.11.




STAFF CONTACTS:                          Summer Frederick Senior Planner


PLANNING COMMISSION:              December 9, 2008


AGENDA TITLE:                                SP2008-52 Forest Lakes Office Park


PROPERTY OWNER:                       Highlife LLC, c/o Downer Realty

APPLICANT:                                      Highlife LLC, c/o Downer Realty


Applicant's Proposal:

The applicant requests approval of the special use permit in order to abate an existing zoning violation (Attachment A).



         SP1994-16 Health Services Foundation:  Request to approve professional office use in R15-Residential zoning district.  Request approved with conditions August 1, 1994.  Staff has reviewed current special use permit request for compliance with existing special use permit conditions and found site is in compliance with conditions (Attachment B).

         SDP1995-48 Forest Lakes Medical Offices-Final:  Site plan approving construction of 24,715 square feet of medical office space in a two-story building with associated required parking.  Approved May 11, 1995 .

         SUB2003-248 - Forest Lakes FLN Commercial Lots-Final Plat:  Request to create three (3) new lots on TMP046B4-007 for a total of four (4) lots.  Approved June 7, 2004.

         SDP2006-123 Forest Lakes Office Park-Minor Amendment:  Minor site plan amendment to relocate dumpster pad and close access to off-site parking spaces.  Approved February 7, 2007.



The Comprehensive Plan designates this property as Office in the Hollymead Community.



Section 18-4.12.11 of the Zoning Ordinance which allows for stand alone parking where authorized by the applicable zoning district regulations.


Section of The Zoning Ordinance requires that special use permits be assessed as follows:  Special Use Permits provided for in this ordinance may be issued upon a finding by the Board of Supervisors that such use will not be of substantial detriment to adjacent property,

The adjacent properties are part of the master plan approved with SP1994-16.  The 1994 special use permit master plan shows additional offices located on adjacent parcels, with all buildings utilizing shared parking.  It is understood that future development of adjacent parcels will utilize and expand existing parking.


that the character of the district will not be changed thereby

The area has a wide mixture of uses, including several similar commercial uses in close proximity to the parcel.


and that such use will be in harmony with the purpose and intent of this ordinance,

The property currently carries a special use permit allowing for the use utilizing existing parking spaces.


with uses permitted by-right in the district,

The special use permit application does not propose activity other than that which is allowed by the already approved special use permit.


and with the public health, safety and general welfare.

Staff does not believe the public health, safety and general welfare will be compromised by the proposed special use permit.



Staff finds that the proposed special use permit meets the requirements of County Ordinances. Staff recommends approval.




  1. Site Plan
  2. SP 1994-14 Application plan and approval letter
  3. Location/Detail Maps
  4. Special Use Permit Application

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