Community Development Work Program

February 2008 – January 2009 Progress


  1. Master Plans

                                                           A.      Places 29 – Anticipate to Board in 1st quarter of FY 09-10.  Delays primarily due to the need for additional revisions.   Final draft chapters to Planning Commission in February, followed by anticipated final public meeting prior to public hearings

                                                           B.      Rivanna – Anticipate to Board in 4th quarter of FY 08-09. 


  1. Comprehensive Plan

                                                           A.      Utilities, Water Supply Plan – Completed / Approved

                                                           B.      Economic Development – Anticipate approval of update February 2009

                                                           C.      Community Facilities – Postponed last year, no change

                                                           D.      Natural Cultural – Postponed last year, no change

                                                            E.      Comp Plan Format – Postponed last year, no change

                                                            F.      Land Use Plan – Postponed last year, no change


  1. Comp Plan Implementation

                                                           A.      Rural Areas, Country Stores – Completed / Approved

                                                           B.      Crozet Master Plan, Downtown Crozet District – Completed / Approved

                                                           C.      Neighborhood Model, Zero Lot Lines – Completed / Approved

                                                           D.      Neighborhood Model, Phase 2 – At Planning Commission, anticipate July

   2009 Board public hearing

                                                            E.      Historic Preservation – Postponed last year, no change

                                                            F.      Natural Heritage – Postponed last year, no change


  1. Other Ordinance and Program Changes

A.     Water Protection, Add Intermittent Streams – Completed /Approved

B.     Zoning, Establish Driveway Standards – Completed /Approved

C.     Subdivision, Family Subdivision Holding Times – Completed / Approved

D.     Contractor’s Storage Yards – Completed / Approved

E.      Lighting, Athletic Fields – Completed / Approved

F.      Historic District, Monticello – Completed / Approved

G.     2 Phase ZMA Process (Dev. Review Task Force) – Completed / Approved

H.     Water Protection, Amend Stream Buffer Requirements – Completed / Approved

I.        CountyView Web – Completed / Implemented  

J.       Administrative Waivers (Dev. Review Task Force) – Completed / Approved

K.    Subdivision Roads and Access – With Board, November 2008

L.      Building Regulation Fees – Completed / Approved

M.   Water Protection Fees – Completed / Approved

N.    Eastern Connector Alignment Study – Completed / Tabled

O.    Subdivision Fees – With PC, 2 worksessions completed, setting public hearing

P.      illegal Signs – Implementing, Agreement in Place

Q.    Zoning, Grass and Weed Ordinance – In process, anticipate to Board 4th quarter FY 08-09

R.     Critical Slopes –Postponed last year, no change

S.      Erosion and Sediment Control – Postponed last year, report to Board on SELC’s August 2008 proposal currently in process


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