Local Business and Employment Plan




1.      Albemarle County designates as its Local Business and Employment Project Area the boundaries of the County of Albemarle.

2.      Albemarle County, its contractors, and designated third parties shall in utilizing Community Improvement Grant funds utilize businesses and lower income residents of the Project Area in carrying out all activities, to the greatest extent feasible.

3.      In awarding contracts for work and for procurement of materials, equipment or services of the  Albemarle County, its contractors, and designated third parties shall take the following steps to utilize businesses which are located in or owned in substantial part by persons residing in the Project Area are:

(a)     Albemarle County shall ascertain what work and procurements are likely to take place through the Community Improvement Grant Funds.

(b)     Albemarle County shall ascertain through various and appropriate sources including:

   The Daily Progress                                                            

the business concerns within the Project Area which are likely to provide materials, equipment and services which will be utilized in the activities funded through the Community Improvement Grant.

(c)     The identified business concerns shall be apprised of opportunities to submit bids, quotes or proposals for work or procurement contracts which utilize CIG funds.

(d)     To the greatest extent feasible the identified business and any other project area business concerns shall be utilized in activities which are funded with CIGs.

4.      In the utilization of trainees or employees for activities funded through CIG's Albemarle County, its contractors and designate third parties shall take the following steps to utilize lower income persons residing in the Project Area.

(a)     Albemarle County in consultation with its contractors (including design professionals) shall ascertain the types and number of positions for both trainees and employees which are likely to be utilized during the project funded by CIGs.

(b)     Albemarle County shall advertise through the following sources

                   The Daily Progress                                                     

                  the availability of such positions with the information on how to apply.

 (c)    Albemarle County, its contractors, and designated third parties shall be required to maintain a record of inquiries and applications by project area residents who respond to advertisements, and shall maintain a record of the status of such inquires and applications.

(d)     To the greatest extent feasible, Albemarle County), its contractors, and designated third parties shall utilize lower income project area residents in filling training and employment positions necessary for implementing activities funded by CIGs.

5.      In order to ascertain substantial compliance with the above affirmative actions and Section 3 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1968, Albemarle County shall keep, and require to be kept by contractors and designated third parties, listings of all persons employed and all procurements made through the implementation of activities funded by CIGs.  Such listings shall be completed and shall be verified by site visits and interviews, crosschecking of payroll reports and invoices, and through audits if necessary.




Local Business and Employment Notice



[Instructions:  Publish as a display advertisement in the local paper.]


Albemarle County is preparing to carry out site development activities for Crozet Meadows Senior Housing through the use of Virginia Community Improvement Grant Funds.  In the implementation of this project job types associated with the following activities may be available:

                        Site Grading, erosion control, and storm water control measures

                        Installation of water and sewer lines

                        Construction of pavement, sidewalks, and curbing


In carrying out this project Albemarle County, its contractors and subcontractors will, to the greatest extent feasible, utilize qualified persons who permanently reside within the County of Albemarle for employment and training positions.

All job openings will be listed with the local office of the Virginia Employment Commission.  Persons qualified for the jobs listed should register at the following location:

                        Virginia Employment Commission

                        2211 Hydraulic Road

                        Charlottesville, VA 22901


Additionally, contracts and procurements for land development and infrastructure construction may be made.


Albemarle County will, to the greatest extent feasible, use businesses located in or owned

by persons residing in the County of Albemarle.


Any person residing or firm located in Albemarle County may request to participate in procurement opportunities associated with this project by contacting the following person within ten (10) days of this notice.


            Ron White

            1600 5th Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

            Phone:  434-296-5839 ext. 3407

            TDD:  711

            Fax:    434-293-0281



Written requests should include the name, address, product or service and phone number. 


All above-referenced procurements will be made on a competitive basis.


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