Joint Task Force on Affordable Housing



Report on Actions Needed to Address the Region’s Affordable Housing Crisis



Messrs. Tucker, Elliott, Davis, White





February 4, 2009


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The Joint Task Force on Affordable Housing was convened in December 2007 with representation from the City of Charlottesville, the County of Albemarle, the University of Virginia, and IMPACT.  The charge adopted by the Task Force included reviewing current public and private initiatives that address affordable housing and identifying unmet needs, resources and policies to address these needs, and ways to promote better collaboration in programs and initiatives across jurisdictional lines.



By June 30, 2010, working in partnership with others, increase affordable housing opportunities for those who work and/or live in Albemarle County.



The Task Force members initially agreed to accept all previous work of the existing housing committees, staff, and the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission in defining the needs and projecting future needs.  This allowed Task Force members to focus more on the “gaps” that may exist between identified and projected needs and current policies and initiatives.  The members decided that a meaningful way to discuss needs would be to do so by segmenting income levels of low-income (60% - 80% of the area median income-AMI), very low-income (30% to 50% AMI), and extremely low-income (below 30% AMI).  Several sub-groups were formed to discuss various areas including public policy, barriers to affordable housing, preservation of existing affordable housing, rental assistance issues, and creating more affordable housing units.  The sub-groups presented their findings to the full Task Force which then worked on identifying common issues and themes prior to brainstorming recommendations.  The members determined that the two income groups below 50% AMI, and in particular the income group below 30% AMI, should be the focus in addressing the gaps in affordable housing.


A draft Report on Actions Needed to Address the Region’s Affordable Housing Crisis (“Report”) was produced in August 2008 with several revisions made during September.  Once revised, the Report was presented to the City’s Housing Advisory Committee and the County’s Housing Committee for review and comment.  Staff also presented the Report to a joint meeting of the City’s and County’s Planning Commissions.  Comments from the housing committees and planning commissions were taken back to the Task Force for discussion and the Report was further revised.  The University of Virginia also provided comments which were considered in developing the final Report (Attachment A).


Several recommendations were developed by the Task Force and are detailed in the first four pages of the Report.  The priority areas identified in the report included increased funding for housing and adopting/revising public policy to better address affordable housing issues.  It is important to note that some of the recommendations included in the Report were included without having unanimous support from members.  This was expected from the beginning of the Task Force’s work and agreed to early in the process.  Although there was not unanimous support for every individual recommendation, the Report in its entirety is supported by all members of the Task Force.



There is no budgetary impact related to the presentation of the information provided in this Report.  Future implementation of one or more recommendations may have budget impacts which would be presented at that time.



Staff, on behalf of the Task Force members and members of the Housing Committee, is providing the Report on Actions Needed to Address the Region’s Affordable Housing Crisis from the Joint Task Force on Affordable Housing for information only.  Staff also recommends that members of the Task Force be recognized for participating in this collaborative effort.



A - Report on Actions Needed to Address the Region’s Affordable Housing Crisis from the Joint Task Force on Affordable Housing

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