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Please provide the following information in an organized format in the order below.


A.  Organizational Information:


  1. Agency Name:  List the full legal name of the organization requesting County funding.

Piedmont Family YMCA, Inc.


  1. Mailing Address:

442 Westfield Rd.

Charlottesville, VA. 22901


  1. Director:  List the name of the individual who serves as the organization’s Director/President, his/her telephone number and their primary email address.

Dennis Blank, CEO                                          Kurt Krueger, Board Chair

Piedmont Family YMCA                                  McGuire-Woods LLP

(434) 974-9622                                               (434) 977-2521

dblank@piedmontymca.org                              kkrueger@mcguirewoods.com


  1. Board Members:  List all members of the organization’s board.

Complete roster attached


  1. Organization Contact:  If different than Director include same information as above.  This is the individual who is most knowledgeable about this request and with whom the County should contact with any follow up questions.

Same as # 3 above


  1. Organization Web Address:  www.piedmontymca.org


  1. Audit:  Please indicate whether your organization has an independent audit performed at the end of each fiscal year.  If so, submit a copy of the management letter or auditor’s opinion for the most recent two year-end reports.

Auditor’s documents attached


  1. Briefly describe your organization, its mission, and some specific overall organization goals.  If you are partnering with other organizations in this request please include same information for partnering organizations.  Include an organizational chart.

The Piedmont Family YMCA is an independently-chartered organization sanctioned by the national parent organization YMCA of the USA.  It is our mission: To put Judeo-Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.  All programs are driven by our traditional core values of: Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. 

It is the policy of the Piedmont Family YMCA to provide services for any person who desires to participate. Nobody is turned away, because of ability to pay.  [Our current program guide is attached]


  1. Indicate the IRS classification of the requesting organization and partners:

The Piedmont Family YMCA is incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization with the IRS classification: 501(c)(3).

B.  Funding Request:  Please describe exactly what is being requested from the County.  Be very specific and include the following in your response:


  1. Specific amount. $1.25 M


  1. Time frame:  When is funding needed?  These funds have previously been allocated to

the Albemarle County CIP budget for FY 2012; however,  it is anticipated that bond financing be obtained by the YMCA to bridge the gap between actual need for the funds and their availability from the County.


  1. Is any additional funding expected from the County in the future?  (Capital, operating, fee for County usage, etc.)  If yes, please explain thoroughly including estimate of how much, when, etc.

It is anticipated that the Albemarle High School Swim Team(s) will have access to the swimming facility for training at a reduced cost of between $12-16 per lane per hour.  Other County Programming could operate in a similar manner, in accordance with YMCA policy.


  1. Proportionate amount of County funding to total funding:  Describe all funding sources including County and total amounts from each funding source.

Projected cost of project is estimated to be $15.0M, Albemarle County has previously committed $2.03M to this project.  Over $7.0M of the capital funds (including the County’s funding) have been pledged/secured from private donations, with an on-going capital campaign.  Any remaining shortfall require commercial/government financing.


C.  Purpose:  What will County funding be used for?  Please describe:


  1. Description of facility to be built including site amenities

a.       Full-facility YMCA recreational center, to include: State-of-the-art fitness center, 10,000 sq.ft. basketball/volleyball gymnasium, exercise/dance/aerobics studios, multi-purpose classroom space(s), community rooms.

b.      Childcare /child watch operations.

c.       Indoor aquatics complex to include competitive swim lanes, recreational swimming, instructional swimming, handicap access and family-friendly changing areas, locker rooms, etc.

This additional funding request of $1.25M will be used to provide access to the Albemarle County High School Swim teams for all practice sessions.


  1. Highlight any energy saving or environmentally friendly features of the proposed facility.  Specifically comment on the energy efficiency or inefficiency of the proposed facility as compared to other types of structures used for the same purpose.

The YMCA has contacted the service of VMDO architects with the expressed assignment to design this building as a LEED-certified facility, which is only an option available for permanent structures, such as this.

  1. Anticipated life span of facility including any available warranty information.

The YMCA and the City of Charlottesville have entered into a 40-year lease agreement for use of McIntire Park.  It is anticipated this facility will have a life-span of 50+ years.



D.  Services Provided to the County:  How will this facility/program benefit County programs/County residents?


  1. Scope and number of direct school program beneficiaries.

The multi-lane competitive swimming pool will provide practice and competition facilities for all three (3) Albemarle County High Schools. Participation in this varsity-level athletic program is approximately 120-150 students each season.

Additionally, the YMCA is eager to initiate a “Learn-to-Swim” program for all county elementary school students.  Funding for such programs would be secured through private foundations and other granting sources.


  1. Scope and number of direct County beneficiaries.

The total number of potential county beneficiaries is unlimited. In addition to item D#1 (above)… a wide-range of intergenerational aquatic-based programs will be offered (as previously described) to all Albemarle County residents, and community organizations.  It will also provide both the YMCA and the County high schools with a facility to host YMCA, USA and County meets.  In addition to the obvious local school benefit, the following groups would benefit: Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Red Cross, Church Groups, After-School Programs, Special Olympics, Y Swim classes, Parent/toddler Classes, Senior Water Aerobics, Albemarle County Scuba Dive Team and Residents.


  1. Potential future program options to be offered which are not currently available to residents in the region.

This facility will offer programs in recreational, fitness, competitive, instructional and therapeutic swimming. These programs would include but are not limited to: learn-to-swim programs, lap swimming, water aerobics, after- school programs, team training, parent/child classes, and physical therapy.


  1. Fee schedule for use of facility.

Programming and rental fees shall follow standard YMCA policy, with a significant discount offered to all Albemarle County school district use.  Daily access to the facility will be made available to all regardless of membership or income.


  1. Scholarship availability and amount of annual funding for scholarships for low income residents.

It is the policy of the Piedmont Family YMCA to provide services to anyone who desires to participate. Scholarships are based upon need (as determined by Social Services). Applications for financial assistance are made available to all participants and no one is turned away.  The YMCA holds an annual campaign to pay for scholarships.  In 2007 alone, the YMCA provided nearly $216,000. in financial assistance to persons in need.


6.      Detail anticipated user groups and anticipated numbers for each group.

                        Previously defined in item #D-2 above


 E.  Experience:  Please describe your experience in operating a similar facility.

The YMCA has an established and proven national reputation for operating affordable public fitness and aquatics facilities throughout the United States, including 28 YMCA’s in communities located in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


F.  Business Plan:  (Operations – Expenses/Revenues)


  1. Provide 5 years of actual financial results for current organizational operations.

 Financial statements attached for FY 2002-2007.


G.  Current Capital Fund Raising Status:


  1. Current secured funding.

Previously addressed in item # B4


  1. Plan and timetable for securing remaining funding.

Previously addressed in item # B4


H.  Anticipated Construction Schedule:  (Groundbreaking through Grand Opening)

Professional services have been retained by the firm local firm of VMBO.  Architectural designs have been initiated, with ground-breaking and construction anticipated to commence in late 2009.


I:  Alternatives:


  1. Please describe what would happen with your project and how you would proceed if the County funded 50% of your request.

Access to the competitive swim facility could be potentially limited, and usage/rental fees by Albemarle County School groups would be increased.


  1. Please describe what would happen with your project and how you would proceed with no County funding.

Access to the competitive swim facility would be limited, and usage/rental fees by Albemarle County School groups would be increased.



J.  Other Community Benefits:  Are there other anticipated benefits of this project other than the direct benefits to facility users?  If yes, please provide specific examples and attempt to quantify those anticipated benefits.


Inherent advantages to Albemarle County that this YMCA project affords:


·        This is a permanent brick & mortar facility, with a longevity expectation of 50+ yrs. (See paragraph C-3, above)


·        Our facility will be designed and engineered to be environmentally-friendly, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art insulation and HVAC components 

(Paragraph C-2)


·        This aquatic facility will be an integral part of a much larger complex; complete with locker rooms, fitness center, indoor athletic facilities, community rooms, etc. (Paragraph C-1)


·        The central location in McIntire Park is easily-accessible via major highways, to ALL three (3) Albemarle County High Schools, as opposed to neighborhood streets and/or one-lane bridges.


·        The YMCA is a 157-year-old community-based 501(c)(3) organization, with national (and world-wide) prominence; and served locally by a 13-member board of community volunteers.  We are universally recognized as the leader (and have set the standards) in providing quality family-oriented programs and facilities for recreation and healthy spirit, mind, and body. (Paragraph A-8)


·        Our aquatics facility will be staffed and maintained in accordance with YMCA national accreditation standards.  The YMCA of the USA has long been acknowledged as the industry leader regarding safety and professionalism, in providing a rich history of innovative and high-quality aquatics programming.


·        We offer a financial-aid scholarship program which guarantees no one will be turned away due to ability to pay. (Paragraph D-5)


·        The Piedmont Family YMCA will provide opportunities for high school swimmers to participate in other programs & services that will enhance their varsity swim team experience.


·        Additionally, the YMCA is eager to initiate a “Learn-to-Swim” program for all County elementary school students.  Funding for such programs would be secured through private foundations and other granting sources.


K.  Security of County Investment:  How will the County’s investment be protected if the organization receiving funding ceases to exist or cannot sustain operations of the facility?

These funds would be incorporated as part of the three-party use agreement between the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the Piedmont Family YMCA, with respect to the entire facility project.


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