Capital Improvements Program


November 24, 2008


Schedule of Proposed Adjustments Associated with

Restoring an Equivalent of One Penny on the Tax Rate




Estimated Value of One Penny, over 5 year period:                                             $8,400,000



Possible additions/restorations to CIP (Strategic Plan Priorities):                          Impact


            Transportation                                                                                       $10,625,000


            Urban Infrastructure  (various):                                                              $  2,867,000                  

            A.C.E:                                                                                                  $ 3,333,000




Other possible additions (Oversight Committee Adjustments):



PROJECT                                          ACTION                                 IMPACT    


Southern Feeder Projects                       Increase estimate                        $1,980,618


Sidewalks                                             Increase estimate/scope                 $253,458


COB Windows Replacement                 Increase estimate                          $260,000


Support Services Complex                     Restore to original schedule          $851,812


Southern Feeder Projects                       Restore to original schedule       $1,188.380


ACRJ Expansion                                   Restore to original schedule          $872,000


Fire Rescue Mobile Data                       Restore to Adopted Plan                $209,000


800 MHz Radio                                     Restore to original schedule          $299,893


Security Improvements (PubWks)          Restore to Adopted Plan               $504,000


Security Improvements (Parks)              Restore to Adopted Plan                 $66,000



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