Earlysville Business Park water system expansion




Approval of the expansion of the existing water supply system at Earlysville Business Park to include a proposed new use




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Graham, Benish, Brooks







December 3, 2008



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The owner of the Earlysville Business Park has filed a notice under Albemarle County Code § 16-102 to expand the central water supply (the “water system” or “system”) to serve a proposed new 8,000 square foot building in the Earlysville Business Park that will be used as a warehouse and a machine shop.  The Earlysville Business Park is zoned Light Industry (LI). 


The Earlysville Business Park’s water system consists of a well, a storage tank, a water treatment facility, and distribution lines to six buildings on the site.  The system was approved by the Virginia Department of Health in 1973.  Because County approval of a central supply water system was not required until 1976, the original system was not approved by the County.  In 1999, however, the Board of Supervisors approved both the central sewage system and the water system for the site under Chapter 16 of the Albemarle County Code.  At that time, both systems were determined by the Planning Commission to be substantially in accord with the Comprehensive Plan under Virginia Code § 15.2-2232. (See Attachment A)  Although the water system would expand to serve the proposed warehouse and machine shop, it is staff’s opinion that the water system remains within the scope of the system determined to be substantially in accord with the Comprehensive Plan in 1999.  Thus, a new review under Virginia Code § 15.2-2232 is unnecessary.  Staff has received comment from the Albemarle County Service Authority regarding this request.  Because the business park is outside of the jurisdictional areas for both public water and public sewer, the ACSA has no interest in providing public water to this area.  Even if the Board expanded the jurisdictional area to include the business park, the properly functioning water system does not require, and the ACSA does not desire, to take over this existing water system.



Goal 4:  Effectively manage growth and development.  



The owner of the Earlysville Business Park seeks to expand the water system to serve a proposed 8,000 square foot warehouse and machine shop.  The expansion of the business park use is permitted by right under the Zoning Ordinance.


When a notice to establish a central water supply system is filed, the county engineer must review the notice and the information provided by the owner to determine whether the proposed system complies with the Albemarle County Code and the policies of the county engineer. Albemarle County Code § 16-103.  The county engineer coordinates his review with the Health Department and, when applicable, the Albemarle County Service Authority. Albemarle County Code § 16-103.  When the county engineer completes his review, the Board of Supervisors conducts a hearing. Albemarle County Code § 16-104.


The County Engineer has consulted with the Virginia Department of Health and determined that the system complies with applicable state water regulations.  The County Engineer also has reviewed the plans for the expanded system and has determined that the well and the waterworks (the storage tank, water treatment facility and distribution lines) have adequate capacity for the proposed use.  A graph is provided to summarize those findings.  




Under Albemarle County Code § 16-105(A), the “board may approve or disapprove the proposal.”  For the reasons set forth above, the County Engineer recommends that the Board approve the proposed expansion.  If the Board decides to approve the expanded system, the Board is authorized to condition the approval on the county engineer’s approval of the final plans, the Health Department’s approval, the Department of Environmental Quality’s approval, and either approval by or proof of notification to any other applicable state or federal department or agency. Albemarle County Code § 16-105(C).  The County Engineer recommends that approval be conditioned on the improvements being approved by the Health Department prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the proposed warehouse and machine shop.



No budget impact has been identified with the proposed water supply expansion.  



The County Engineer recommends that the Board approve the waterworks expansion, conditioned on the improvements to the central water supply system being approved by the Virginia Department of Health prior to issuance of the certificate of occupancy for the new warehouse and machine shop.



A – March 17, 1999 Board Meeting Materials

B – July 11, 2001 Board Meeting Materials

C – Earlysville Business Park Attachments (Aerial photo of Earlysville Business Park, the applicant’s plan and a color version of the applicant’s plan to better illustrate the proposal)

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