Historic Preservation Committee Update



Presentation of the Historic Preservation Committee’s annual report



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Graham, Cilimberg, Benish, and Ms. Maliszewski





November 5, 2008


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The Historic Preservation Plan was adopted by the Board in September 2000. In April 2001 the Board adopted the “Priority Recommendations for Historic Preservation in Albemarle County” (Attachment A) as the action agenda to be used for implementation of the Plan. The Historic Preservation Committee held its first meeting on January 8, 2002. The Board last received an update from the Committee on June 6, 2007. That update outlined the progress the Committee had made on the “Priority Recommendations”.




Goal 1: “Enhance the quality of life for all citizens”. The County’s cultural resources play a major role in establishing the historic and visual character of the area, as well as our sense of community identity, which contribute to our quality of life.




Item #12 of the Priority Recommendations calls for an evaluation of the need for an Historic Overlay District Ordinance.  The attached Ordinance Evaluation Report (Attachment B) was developed by a subcommittee of the Committee and was approved by the Committee on September 22, 2008. The Committee recommends that Albemarle County pursue the adoption of an Historic Overlay District Ordinance or some other type of local regulatory measure designed to provide more effective protection of historic resources than currently exists. The Committee also recommends that these regulations be combined with other existing County strategies so that it will be just one part of a broad, multi-faceted and comprehensive program whose goal is the protection and preservation of Albemarle County’s historic resources. The Committee is also providing its current list of County historic resources and the status of those resources for the Board’s information. (Attachment C.)



There are no budget impacts directly related to the Committee’s report. However, the report includes a recommendation for the County to develop historic preservation regulations. The development and enforcement of any regulations would require additional staffing and funding.  Given the number of frozen positions in Community Development, existing mandates, and Community Development’s work program, staff does not believe it would be possible to initiate the development of an Historic Overlay District Ordinance unless other initiatives are postponed.  If the Board is interested in pursuing a historic overlay district, staff recommends that the Board prioritize this initiative along with its other initiatives during the annual review of Community Development’s work program.  Additionally, unless funding is provided for additional staff to enforce this ordinance, administering the ordinance will require Community Development to shift staff from their current responsibilities, diminishing staff’s long-term capacity to work on other programs.   There has not been any analysis of resource impacts associated with developing or administering such an ordinance, nor have possible revenue sources been identified.  Staff believes this information would be necessary in prioritizing initiatives, and will include this in the annual review of the Community Development work program if the Board wishes to consider the adoption of an Historic Overlay Ordinance.    



Staff recommends that the Board accept the Historic Preservation Committee’s report and direct Community Development staff as the Board feels necessary.  Should the Board wish to move forward with this initiative, staff

recommends including it as part of the annual review of the Community Development work program, which is scheduled to come before the Board in February 2009.




A – Priority Recommendations for Historic Preservation in Albemarle County

B – Evaluation of the Need for an Historic Overlay Ordinance

C – Albemarle County Historic Resources

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