September 3, 2008




Aid to Locality Reductions

Virginia Department of Planning and Budget

1111 E. Broad St. Room 5040

Richmond, VA 23219-1922


RE:      Albemarle County’s Reduction Elections


To whom it may concern:


In accordance with the direction included in the Instructions for Submitting Aid to Local Government Reduction Elections issued by the Department of Planning and Budget during July, 2008, I am writing to certify Albemarle County’s reduction election and transmit the required hardcopy of the Reduction Election Form.  The County is being required to reduce State funding by $477,842 in FY 2009 and by $482,448 in FY 2010.


The General Assembly chose to respond to shrinking revenue growth anticipated in the 2008-2010 biennium by shifting to local governments the responsibility for reducing $100 million of core services.  This action was approved by the Governor without identifying the programs to be reduced.  These reductions are in addition to those made by the General Assembly, and approved by the Governor, affecting law enforcement, elementary and secondary education, profits from the Alcoholic Beverage Control tax collections, constitutional offices, the upgrade of wastewater treatment, and farmland preservation to name but a few.  Albemarle County is very concerned that this $100.0 million reduction will be carried forward into future biennia forcing city and county governments to either raise taxes or further reduce services.   


Albemarle County has elected to make the reductions through a combination of program reductions and a reimbursement payment as indicted on the attached Reduction Election Form.  The portion included in the reimbursement payment will be reflected in the locality’s records as negative revenue under the heading, Local Aid to the Commonwealth Contra Revenue.


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