2008 Submittal and

Development Review Process for

Zoning Map Amendments and Special Use Permits



1.      Rezonings and Special Use Permits will be accepted on the third Monday of each month including November which has not been on the schedule for the last two years.  (See attached schedule.)


2.      The review period for receiving the first set of written staff comments after submittal will not change.  This time period is approximately six weeks after submittal.


3.      Worksessions will continue to be encouraged for complex projects or projects for which Planning Commission weigh-in is appropriate before the project proceeds.


4.      For worksessions, a staff report will be provided in-lieu of initial written comments.  Detailed written comments will be provided after the Planning Commission meeting.


5.      If neither a worksession nor a resubmittal is needed, a project will go to the Planning Commission approximately 12 weeks from initial application.   This time period is one week earlier than the 2007 schedule.


6.      Starting in March 2008, the County will also have a resubmittal schedule, which generally will be the first and third Monday of the month, with adjustments made for Monday holidays.


7.      After a resubmittal, but before a Planning Commission public hearing has been advertised, staff will provide written comments advising the applicant on whether all substantive issues have been resolved or if additional resolution is needed.  The written comments will include staff’s recommendation to the Planning Commission should the applicant wish to proceed.


8.      A public hearing for the Planning Commission will not be advertised, however, until an applicant tells the County it is ready to proceed to a public hearing.


9.      Once an applicant decides to go to public hearing, a legal advertisement is run in the newspaper and a staff report is prepared to go to the Planning Commission.


10.  After the Planning Commission public hearing is advertised, an applicant may change his/her mind and ask that the project be deferred, but only one time during the life of the application.  Except in extraordinary circumstances, such as a major change in the project proposal by the applicant or more issues identified by staff that have not previously been brought to the applicant’s attention, subsequent requests for deferral of the Planning Commission public hearing will not be honored.  If agreeable to the Planning Commission, the applicant may defer at the Planning Commission public hearing meeting.


11.  To help provide more timely comments to applicants on how to resolve outstanding issues, the staff will hold interdivisional reviewer meetings at least twice-a-month. 



12.  Staff and/or applicants may request a meeting of applicants and reviewers at the interdivisional meeting to work on problem resolution.


13.  If a project has required a worksession with the Planning Commission because of project complexities or major interest and concerns from the public, it will be scheduled for a Board of Supervisors worksession at the earliest available meeting following the Planning Commission public hearing.


14.  Information taken to the worksession will be exactly the same information reviewed by the Planning Commission at its public hearing so that the Board can provide any needed guidance prior to a resubmittal by the applicant.


15.  All resubmittals after the Planning Commission hearing and, if needed, the Board worksession, will take place according to the published resubmittal schedule.  The resubmittal schedule includes dates by which applicants will receive written comments from the staff.  Written comments from staff will also including staff’s current position relative to a recommendation for approval.  Recommendations will relate to whether or not the applicant has adequately addressed Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors’ concerns, whether or not the proffers are in legal form, and whether or not ordinance requirements have been met.


16.  After receiving written comments, the applicant will advise staff as to whether or not he/she is ready to proceed to the Board of Supervisors.  When the applicant decides to proceed, final signed proffers, plans, and, in the case of the Neighborhood Model District, Codes of Development will be submitted according to the resubmittal schedule and no additional information will be accepted after that time. 


17.  The Clerk of the Board will set a Board public hearing date and advertise the public hearing.  All materials will be available for public review in the form they will be sent to the Board of Supervisors.


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