WHEREAS, current zoning regulations limit the height of poles for athletic facility lighting to the maximum height allowed for structures in the applicable zoning district; and


WHEREAS, in order to safely light an athletic facility, outdoor luminaires must provide sufficient illumination to all parts of the field or court and, to do so, the luminaires must be placed high enough over the athletic facility to provide such illumination; and


WHEREAS, in most if not all zoning districts, the maximum height allowed for structures does not allow outdoor luminaires to be placed high enough over an athletic facility to provide safe illumination; and    


WHEREAS, in order to meet dark skies ordinances and to assure that athletic facilities are safely illuminated, it is desired to amend the Zoning Ordinance to allow poles for athletic facility lighting to be taller than the height otherwise allowed in the applicable zoning district, provided that the Planning Commission grants a waiver of the zoning district’s height limitation on a case-by-case basis and authorizes the poles to be erected at a height determined to be necessary to safely illuminate the athletic facility.


 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT for purposes of public necessity, convenience, general welfare and good land development practices, the Board of Supervisors hereby adopts a resolution of intent to amend Zoning Ordinance §§, 4.17.5 and any other regulations of the Zoning Ordinance deemed appropriate to achieve the purposes described herein.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing on the zoning text amendment proposed by this resolution of intent, and make its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors, at the earliest possible date.


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