Sidewalk and Crosswalk Priorities



Board review and approval of priority areas for pedestrian crossing/sidewalk improvements



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Graham, Benish, Wade






June 4, 2008


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  ACTION:                            INFORMATION: 











After a fatal pedestrian accident near Berkmar Drive and Rio Road in early 2008, the Board of Supervisors requested staff to develop a priority list of crosswalk and sidewalk improvements. The Board of Supervisors requested staff to work with the Alliance for Commuter Choice in Transportation (ACCT) and VDOT when developing this list. The Board requested staff to present this list for its review and approval.




Goal 3.0: Develop policies and infrastructure improvements to address the County’s growing needs.




Staff has met with VDOT and ACCT, considered recommendations of existing studies and plans and staff knowledge to identify critical areas for pedestrian improvements. Once these critical areas were identified, staff evaluated characteristics of the road segments and the surrounding area to establish the recommended priorities.  The following characteristics were considered: traffic volumes, pedestrian accidents, existing pedestrian improvements (sidewalks, crosswalks, signals, street lighting, etc.), presence of pedestrian trip attractors/generators in the area, and proximity to transit service.


Based on this information, staff has identified the following priority locations for crosswalk and sidewalk improvements:


  1. Rio Road/Berkmar Drive intersection
  2. Rio Road at Fashion Square Mall/Albemarle Square
  3. Rio Road at Greenbrier Drive
  4. Hydraulic Road/Commonwealth Drive intersection
  5. Route 250 East (Route 20 intersection, Riverbend at South Pantops Drives)
  6. Riverbend Drive/South Pantops Blvd. intersection
  7. Route 29 (mid block between Rio Road/Greenbrier Drive and Greenbrier Drive/Hydraulic Road) 
  8. Avon Street/Mill Creek Drive extended
  9. Hollymead Drive and Powell Creek Drive near Hollymead Elementary School
  10. Worth Crossing near Timberwood Blvd.
  11. Berkmar Drive/Commonwealth Drive intersection
  12. Hydraulic Road:

      - at Whitewood (AHS)

      - at Georgetown Road (potential added to Georgetown Road improvement project)

      These two locations currently have existing pedestrian/crosswalk facilities (including street lighting and pedestrian signals), but due to traffic volumes
      and the level of pedestrian usage, further improvements and safety enhancements may be warranted.


The County and/or VDOT are already working on a number of pedestrian improvement projects. These include:




Once the Board approves the priority areas, staff will work with VDOT to develop more specific plans for the improvements. Depending on the conditions at each location, improvements could include crosswalk stripping, on-street warning markers/signs, street lighting, pedestrian control signals, in-ground crosswalk lighting, raised medians, and/or installation of additional sidewalk segments and ramps.  VDOT is currently evaluating the Berkmar Drive and Hydraulic Road area for pedestrian improvements and will provide a status report on this work at the June 4th meeting.



BUDGET IMPACT:  Improvements will be funded through existing and future CIP funds and VDOT Six Year Secondary funds.  Staff will also continue to pursue grant opportunities to help fund project construction.




Staff recommends approval of the above noted priority areas for pedestrian facility improvements.  Upon approval of the priority areas, staff will work with VDOT and the Office of Facilities Development to complete design plans and a schedule for the projects.



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