WHEREAS, the Crozet Master Plan describes downtown Crozet as the historical focal point for cultural and commercial activities in Crozet and the surrounding areas; and


            WHEREAS, the lands within downtown Crozet are currently within various zoning districts, and the regulations within those districts have been identified as imposing a number of impediments to the development and redevelopment of downtown Crozet in a manner consistent with the Crozet Master Plan; and


WHEREAS, Zoning Text Amendment 2007-005 – Downtown Crozet District (DCD) – would establish a new zoning district in the Crozet community that implements the Crozet Master Plan; and


WHEREAS, after several public work sessions conducted by the Planning Commission and the Board, and with input from several committees comprised of members of the Crozet community, the boundaries of the proposed Crozet Downtown Zoning District were identified.


 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT for purposes of public necessity, convenience, general welfare and good zoning practices, the Albemarle County Zoning Map is amended to change the zoning map designation for lands shown on the attached map entitled “Crozet Downtown Zoning * Recommended Boundary,” by Albemarle County GDS January 2008, which includes the following parcels (identified by their County tax map and parcel number), from their current zoning designation to Downtown Crozet District:


056A1010004600, 056A10100046A0, 056A1010004800, 056A1010004900, 56A1010005000, 056A1010005300, 056A1010005400, 056A10100054A0, 056A1010005500, 56A1010005600, 056A1010005700, 056A1010005800, 056A10100058A0, 056A1010005900, 56A1010006000, 056A10100060A0, 056A1010006200, 056A1010006300, 056A1010006400, 56A1010006500, 056A1010006800, 056A1010006900, 056A1010011900, 056A1010012000, 056A1010012200, 056A1010012300, 056A1010012400, 056A1010012500, 056A20100000A0, 56A2010000700, 056A20100007A0, 056A2010000800, 056A2010000900, 056A2010001100, 56A2010001200, 056A2010001300, 056A2010001400, 056A2010001500, 056A2010001600, 56A20100016A0, 056A2010001700, 056A2010001800, 056A2010001900, 056A20100019A0, 056A2010002000, 056A20100020A0, 056A20100020B0, 056A2010002100, 056A20100021A0, 056A2010002200, 056A2010002300, 056A20100023A0, 056A2010002400, 056A20100024B0, 056A2010002700, 056A2010002800, 056A20100028A0, 056A20100028B0, 056A20100028C0, 056A2010002900, 056A2010003000, 056A20100030A0, 056A2010003100, 056A2010003300, 056A2010003500, 056A2010003600, 056A2010003700, 056A2010007000, 056A20100071A0, 056A20100071D0, 056A20100071E0, 056A2020A00100, and 056A2020A00200.


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