Approval of Rural Rustic Road Paving Projects



Review results of Public Comments and Approve Resolution to designate the following road segments as Rural Rustic Roads for paving purposes:

  1. Walnut Level Road (Route 668) from Route 810 to Route 765.
  2. Walnut Level Road (Route 765) from Route 668 to End of State Maintenance.
  3. Old Green Mountain Road (Route 722) from Route 6 to Route 723.
  4. Estes Ridge Road (Route 806) from Route 663 to End of State Maintenance.



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Graham, Benish, and Wade





May 7, 2008


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Sections of Red Hill School Road (Rt. 760), Walnut Level Road (Rt. 668 and Rt. 765), Old Green Mountain Road (Rt. 722) and Estes Ridge Road (Rt. 806) are identified as priority road paving projects in the County’s Six Year Secondary Road Priority List and VDOT’s Six Year Secondary Road Construction Plan under the Rural Rustic Road Paving Program (Location Maps--Attachments A-E). Rural Rustic Roads are paved at a width based on reduced and flexible standards that leave trees, vegetation, side slopes and open drainage abutting the roadway undisturbed to the maximum extent possible without compromising public safety. Rural Rustic Road standards allow a road to be paved within a 30’ easement. In a traditional paving project, improvements are typically done within a 50’ right-of-way. Rural Rustic Road paving projects are considerably less expensive than traditional paving projects.


These projects are programmed for construction in the upcoming fiscal year (FY 08-09).  The Board has established a policy for notifying adjacent owners and the public of a potential Rural Rustic Road project prior to project construction and to provide an opportunity for the public to comment on the proposal.  The public input process for this project has now been completed. 



Goal Three:  Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.



Pursuant to the policy adopted by the Board of Supervisors (Attachment F), staff posted a zoning sign on each road and mailed a letter to every property owner along these five roads informing them of the paving project and that VDOT would pave the road using Rural Rustic Road standards instead of traditional paving standards. Staff will summarize the results of the public input process for each of the road projects:



Route numbers. There were two property owners contacted. Staff did not receive any opposition. There is no conservation easement or Agricultural-Forestal District adjacent this road.  Innisfree Village is located at the end of this segment of road.  Staff recommends that this road be paved using Rural Rustic Road standards.





Based on the input from the residents, the condition of the road, and the presence of a public school which is served by this road, staff believes further evaluation of this project is needed and is not recommending this road be approved for paving at this time. It may be appropriate to hold a community meeting with residents of the area to discuss the proposed paving project.  Staff seeks direction from the Board regarding the paving of Red Hill School Road.   


In order to pave these roads under the Rural Rustic Road standards, VDOT requires a resolution from the Board of Supervisors designating the roads listed below as Rural Rustic Roads and requesting the use of Rural Rustic Road standards (Attachments I – L).  If the resolution is adopted by the Board of Supervisors, VDOT will begin work on these projects this summer using state resources. Each project will take 45-90 days to complete.



These projects are included in the County’s Six Year Secondary Road Priority List and will be paid for by VDOT.



Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors adopt the attached resolutions designating both sections of Walnut Level Road, Old Green Mountain Road, and Estes Ridge Road as Rural Rustic Roads and request VDOT to hard surface these road segments as Rural Rustic Road paving projects.  Staff does not recommend paving Red Hill Road at this time and will further evaluate the need for this project and provide additional comments to the Board.



Attachment A –Location Map Walnut Level Road (Rt. 668) from Rt. 810 to Rt. 765

Attachment B- Location Map Walnut Level Road (Rt.765) from Rt. 668 to Dead End

Attachment C - Location Map Old Green Mountain Road (Rt. 722) from Rt. 6 to Rt. 723

Attachment D - Location Map Estes Ridge Road (Rt. 806) from Rt. 663 to Dean End

Attachment E - Location Map Red Hill School Road (Rt. 760) from Rt. 29 to Rt. 710

Attachment F -County Rural Rustic Road Paving Policy

Attachment G -Red Hill School Road Petition

Attachment H -Letter from Red Hill School Road Residents Opposing Paving

Attachment I - Walnut Level Road (Rt. 668) Resolution

Attachment J - Walnut Level Road (Rt. 765) Resolution

Attachment K-Old Green Mountain Road (Rt. 722) Resolution

Attachment L- Estes Ridge Road (Rt. 806) Resolution

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