WHEREAS, dog custodians and dog owners have a responsibility to not only their dogs to assure that they are properly cared for, but also to their neighbors to assure that their dogs do not become a nuisance to the neighborhood as a result of excessive barking, odors, and other problems; and


WHEREAS, the Zoning Ordinance allows the keeping of dogs in commercial kennels and animal shelters by special use permit in several commercial and industrial zoning districts (commercial kennels are also allowed in the Rural Areas zoning district), and the special use permits include conditions that regulate the operation of the kennel or shelter in order to address the impacts resulting from the use; and   


WHEREAS, the Zoning Ordinance does not regulate the keeping of dogs as pets in a residential zoning district, provided that the number of dogs kept are subordinate and customarily incidental to the primary residential use so that the use may be allowed as an accessory use; and


WHEREAS, the intensity of an accessory use such as the keeping of dogs may exceed a threshold where the number of dogs is no longer subordinate and customarily incidental to the primary residential use, and, as the intensity of the use increases, the potential for adverse impacts to neighbors may increase; and


WHEREAS, in order to facilitate the creation of a convenient, attractive and harmonious community, it is desired to amend the Zoning Ordinance to establish the maximum number of adult dogs that will be allowed as accessory to a primary residential use.


 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT for purposes of public necessity, convenience, general welfare and good land development practices, the Board of Supervisors hereby adopts a resolution of intent to amend Zoning Ordinance 3.1, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 20A and any other regulations of the Zoning Ordinance deemed appropriate to achieve the purposes described herein.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing on the zoning text amendment proposed by this resolution of intent, and make its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors, at the earliest possible date.


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