AGENDA TITLE:  ZTA 2007-06 Monticello Historic District

ZMA 2007 – 23 Montalto



Rezone 329.68 acres from RA Rural Areas to MHD Monticello Historic District; Amend Section 11 of the Zoning Ordinance to permit Monticello Scholar Residences as a by-right use



Cilimberg, McDowell






May 7, 2008


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REVIEWED BY:  Cilimberg




In January 2008, the Planning Commission held a work session to discuss issues related to the subject applications.  The applicant responded to the issues discussed and provided the requested information. On April 8, 2008, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the subject applications.  At the public hearing, the Planning Commission was advised that, as stated in the staff report, amendments to the proffers were anticipated, but that the amendments were not expected to be substantive in nature.  The Planning Commission did not recommend any additional changes to the applications and acknowledged that the proffers may be modified prior to the Board of Supervisor’s public hearing.



The following proffers were presented to the Planning Commission:

1.    All outdoor lighting shall be arranged or shielded to reflect light away from the abutting properties. 


2.    Vehicular access to the Property shall be controlled during peak events that require off-site parking.


3.    No more than three (3) Monticello Scholar Residences shall be occupied as an accessory use at one time, except during the semi-annual meetings of the Board of Directors of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.


In keeping with the intent of the Monticello Historic District (MHD) to link uses within the District with Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, and the Jefferson legacy, the third proffer identified limits for non-scholar residents.  


As the text of the proposed ordinance amendment to add Monticello Scholar Residence as a by-right use further clarified the parameters for the residences, staff believes that MHD intent would be maintained without the need for the third proffer which would be redundant. Therefore, the applicant has withdrawn the third proffer.  The Monticello Historic District text amendment is as follows:


24.       Monticello scholar residences, which shall be private lodging accommodations in multiple-family dwellings for educators, academic fellows or scholars working on Jefferson related research and/or programs, Montalto program participants, persons directly engaged in the programming, research, or operation of Monticello as a historic museum and historic site, and for a sole caretaker, provided that not more than three dwelling units shall be occupied at any one time by persons directly engaged in the programming, research, or operation of Monticello as a historic museum and historic site except during the semi-annual meetings of the owner’s governing board. 


No other changes to the proffers have been made since the Planning Commission meeting. The amended proffers are included as Attachment I



Staff and the Planning Commission recommend approval of ZTA 2007-06.  In consideration of this ZTA, staff believes that the amended proffers reflect the intent of the Planning Commission’s recommendation and recommends approval of ZMA 2007-23 (with the amended proffers -Attachment I).




I           Proffers

II           Planning Commission Action Letter

III          Planning Commission Staff Report


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