Attachment C: Albemarle County Local Government and School Division Partnerships


Financial Services

The Finance Department’s divisions of Purchasing, Payroll, Accounting and Procurement serve both the local government and school division. This shared structure is uncommon in Virginia localities.


Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is a shared department between local government and the school division, an uncommon structure in Virginia localities. Shared services include: recruitment, selection and retention programs; compensation and benefits programs; workers’ compensation administration; wellness initiatives; employee relations; diversity initiatives; policy development; and training and development.


Information Technology (IT)

The local government IT Department provides all maintenance and enhancements for the Financial Management, Payroll and Human Resources Management Systems that serve both the school division and local government. The department also collaborates on e-mail system upgrades, general security updates and needs, and deployment of secure wireless "hotspots" in schools. IT also provides spare PCs to the school division.


County Attorney’s Office

The County Attorney’s Office serves as primary legal counsel for both local government and the School division, providing services including: advice and counsel on a variety of legal issues; attending both Boards’ meetings; representation of both bodies in administrative and court hearings; contract and procurement negotiation and review; personnel issues; policy review and development; legal training; compliance with applicable laws; and real estate transaction services.


General Services

The department provides building support services to the school division’s offices within the County Office Building, including maintenance and custodial services. School division mechanics maintain the local government vehicle fleet.


Office of Facilities Development

This office is responsible for overseeing all school division capital projects.


Community Development

The department advises the school division in developing enrollment projections; collaborates on the schools section of the Community Facilities Plan and potential school locations in Master Plans; participates in search committees for future school locations; and advises regarding compliance with the Comprehensive Plan reviews for proposed school locations.


Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department and school division jointly develop sports and community facilities when constructing schools. The department maintains 24 school outdoor facilities and the department has upgraded the quality of the fields at the Albemarle County schools. The department has included the replacement of school playground structures, at a rate of one school per year, into its Capital Improvement Program. The department utilizes schools for the majority of its recreation programs and is responsible for the after hours scheduling of elementary and middle school fields. Furthermore, the department coordinates programs with school activities such as the after-school program at each County middle school and summer playground program run in conjunction with summer school programs.



The Police Department established a School Resource Officers’ Program to provide outreach to the County’s youth population. These officers serve in four high schools, five middle schools, and two specialty schools to provide security to staff and students and to educate students on law enforcement rules and regulations. Officers also ensure that Crisis Emergency Plans are in place and familiar to staff. Police also maintain security at many special school functions (e.g. dances, sporting events, etc.) and assist with preplanned K-9 searches and regular after-hours exterior building checks.


Social Services

The Department of Social Services and the school division have jointly established the Bright Stars and Family Support Programs. The Department also has a working relationship with the After-School program to help Social Services clients obtain daycare assistance while they are working or in school.


Strategic Planning

In accordance with the County’s Strategic Objective 1.1, local government and school division employees have increased collaborative efforts to 1) assist in closing the achievement gap; 2) increase training and learning opportunities for school division and local government leaders; 3) increase school and local government employees’ awareness of affordable housing opportunities; 4) share community engagement information and efforts.


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