Attachment I:


Enclosed you will find four packets. These packets include staff reports and Board of Supervisors meeting minutes for the four existing personal wireless service facilities located on the Herring Property. Below is an explanation of what is included in each packet.


There were four other special use permits on this property for personal wireless service facilities, none of which staff required critical slopes waivers.


The first was a special use permit in 1999, and the plan that was submitted for that permit did not show topography which is in packet labeled ‘Packet #1’. There was a condition in the staff report that stated a site plan would be required if activity on slopes of 25% or greater is proposed on page five of the packet. This condition did not get approved at the Board of Supervisors meeting, and no site plan was submitted, as shown in the meeting minutes on page ten of the packet.


There were two special use permits in 2000 on the property. Both submitted plans for the permits showed critical slopes being disturbed, however no critical slopes waivers were required or submitted. Packets labeled ‘Packet #2’ and ‘Packet #3’. A condition in both staff reports states that a site plan application shall be required if activity on slopes of 25% or greater is proposed, which is shown on page nine in both packets. Again, this condition was not approved by the Board of Supervisors and no site plans were submitted.


In 2003, another special use permit was approved, however this plan did not show the disturbance of critical slopes, this is shown on the plan in the packet labeled ‘Packet #4’.




Packet 1 – SP-1999-010 CFW

Packet 2 – SP-2000-030 I-64 West

Packet 3 – SP-2000-041 I-64 Newton Side

Packet 4 – SP-2003-005 Herring Property

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