Attachment A


Appropriation #2008060                                                                                                                                                                                     $ 64,986.81


            Revenue Source:                        Federal Grant Revenue               $62,435.11

                                                            Grant Fund Balance                          944.70                                                                                          

                                                            Transfer from Police Operating        1,607.00


In FY06/07 the Department of Criminal Justice Services awarded the Police Department a $6,717.00 grant to purchase a scanner, laminator, a video time lapse viewer, two video monitors, and a training session to assist with developing criminal investigations and eventual prosecutions.  At the end of FY06/07 the grant had a fund balance of $944.70 which can be reappropriated for use in FY07/08.  We also anticipate receiving the remaining $78.11 in federal grant revenue during FY07/08.


The Department of Motor Vehicles has awarded the Police Department two grants ($2,000.00 and $1,800.00) which will assist in overtime expenses associated with national “Click It or Ticket” campaign.  No local match is required.


The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded the Albemarle County Police Department a grant in the amount of $23,557.00.  The purpose of this grant is to assist in funding overtime hours by current officers in support of reducing crime and improvement of public safety for more “Community Policing”.  There is no local match.


The Department of Motor Vehicles has awarded the Police Department a grant in the amount of $35,000.00 to assist in the purchase of radar units, breath testing units, as well as funding overtime hours for DUI checkpoints and increased saturation of trouble spots both on primary and secondary roads and in shopping locations.  There is a local match for FICA and an “in-kind” match for other related costs.  The local FICA match, totaling $1,607.00, will be provided from the Police Department’s appropriated operating budget.  No additional local funding is required.



Appropriation #2008061                                                                                                                                                                                      $ 3,950.00


            Revenue Source:                        Other Fund Balance                   $ 3,950.00


The Community Development Department has requested the use of $3,950.00 in the Stream Buffer Mitigation fund balance to contract for the provision of perennial flow determination training for Community Development engineering, plan review, and natural resources staff.  The training is needed to implement the Board of Supervisor’s February 6, 2008 revisions to the County’s Water Protection Ordinance which allows staff to determine if a stream is perennial, which will affect County requirements to preserve a vegetative buffer along a stream. 



Appropriation #2008062                                                                                                                                                                                    $107,802.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue                           $  7,875.00

                                                            State Revenue                             99,927.00


At their meeting on March 27, 2008, the School Board approved the following appropriations:




The State required a 7.5% local match on this grant for FY07/08.  This local match, $7,500.00, was incorrectly appropriated to Adult Education instead of English Literacy/Civics.


At their meeting on April 17, 2008, the School Board approved the following appropriations:







Appropriation #2008064                                                                                                                                                                                      $ 17,537.00


            Revenue Source:                        State Revenue                           $   3,187.00

ECC Fund Balance                    $ 14,350.00


The Virginia Department of Emergency Management collects funds from Dominion Virginia Power to help localities that could be impacted by an accident at the North Anna Nuclear Power Station.  The funds are to be used by the various affected Offices of Emergency Management for equipment and/or supplies that would be used to help alert the public or otherwise help manage a radiological accident.  Albemarle County is in the 50-mile ingestion pathway of North Anna and therefore qualifies for those funds.  The Emergency Communications Center has received $3,187.00 to purchase two laptop computers to be used by the regional Office of Emergency Management.    The laptops will store contact information and software that can be used to make citizen (and other) notifications as well as radiological data.  They will also be used to remotely operate the Web-EOC software and the City Watch Community Notification System. These funds cover the entire cost of the laptops.


At their March 18, 2008 meeting the ECC Management Board approved the appropriation of $14,350.00 from the ECC Fund Balance to fund a five-year maintenance contract on the Edge Access Satellite Communications System.  This system will allow the ECC to provide basic voice and data services to regional public safety personnel at both critical incidents and planned events.  The system currently provides three regional command post vehicles and the ECC with basic landline telephone capabilities both internally and to the public telephone network.  In addition, each command vehicle/trailer presently provide other features including internal 4-digit dialing to the ECC and other command vehicles, and wired and wireless internet access to personnel on scene.





Appropriation #2008065                                                                                                                                                                                   $ 59,764.70


            Revenue Source:                        General Fund Balance                $59,764.70


The Department of Voter Registration and Elections incurred $59,764.70 in additional expenses as a result of the February 12, 2008 dual presidential primary elections.  Some state or federal funds may be available for reimbursement, however it is unknown at this time when (or if) the reimbursement will occur.



Appropriation #2008066                                                                                                                                                                                       $  600.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue                           $    600.00


The Sheriff’s Department has received $600.00 in court-ordered restitution resulting from the destruction of their game enforcement deer decoy.  These funds are being appropriated to purchase a replacement decoy.


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