ZMA 2006 – 014 Professional Office Building at Hydraulic & Georgetown Roads



Request to rezone 1.051 acres from C-1, Commercial to Neighborhood Model District, in order to develop a two-story, approximately 16,815 square foot professional office building on the site.



Cilimberg, Echols, Grant






March 19, 2008


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W. Keith Woodard, Keith O. Woodard and Christopher E. Kabbash



On February 19, 2008, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Professional Office Building at Hydraulic & Georgetown Roads rezoning request. Staff and the Commission recommended approval of the rezoning request by a vote of 7:0 provided that the following be resolved prior to the Board public hearing: (See Attachment I)   


1.        Conservation and preservation areas shall be delineated on the general development plan before this rezoning is presented to the Board of Supervisors. The conservation and preservation areas shall be maximized to the extent feasible given this specific plan.

2.       The applicant shall demonstrate that there will be a minimal disturbance in the conservation areas.

3.       Any trees in the conservation areas that are required to be removed shall be replaced with like kind of plantings.  (Condition to be worked on regarding the caliper of tree).

4.       The applicant shall address the technical revisions required for the proffers and the Code of Development. 



The applicant has provided the following to address the Planning Commission’s recommendation:

1. Sheet 2 of 4 in the General Development Plan, dated January 19, 2007, revised February 25, 2008 now delineates the conservation and preservation areas. (See Attachment III)

2. Sheet 4 of 4 in the General Development Plan shows the conservation and preservation areas overlayed with the existing conditions and trees to be removed.

3. The applicant has revised Proffer 4 to describe the replacement of trees that must be removed in the Conservation Areas. Replacement shall be two (2) trees of similar species or quality for each removed or destroyed tree. The trees to be replaced must be in excess of 12” dbh and shall be replaced with trees of the same or a similar species or quality of not less than 2.5” dbh, as determined by the County’s Director of Community Development. (See Attachment IV)



Staff and the Planning Commission recommend approval of ZMA 2006-000014 Professional Office Building at Georgetown and Hydraulic Roads, inclusive of proffers dated and signed February 25, 2008, code of development dated February 25, 2008, and general development plan dated January 19, 2007, revised February 25, 2008. Staff also recommends approval of the five waivers, which are a waiver to Section 8.4 of the Zoning Ordinance which states that " A planned development district may be established in any development  area identified in the comprehensive plan, and in any rural area identified in the comprehensive plan if the district is a planned historic district containing a historic site and the purposes of the district include the restoration, preservation, conservation and enhancement of the historic site, provided that its location is suitable for the character of the proposed uses and structures”, the rear setback waiver, the critical slopes waiver, waiver of Section 20A.8 relating to a mixture of uses and housing types and the waiver to Section 20A.9.b., which was described by staff during the public hearing as a waiver to the amenity requirement since the applicant is providing 11% amenities instead of the required 20%.



Attachment I: Staff Report, dated February 19, 2008

Attachment II: Code of Development, dated February 25, 2008      

Attachment III: General Development Plan, dated January 19, 2007, revised February 25, 2008

Attachment IV: Proffers, dated February 25, 2008

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