November 15, 2007


Sheeran Architects

c/o Peter Sheeran

226 East High Street

Charlottesville, Va 22902


RE:      ARB2007-00098 Flow Auto-Display Parking Addition 

            Tax Map 78, Parcels 15D, 15E


Dear Mr. Sheeran:


The Albemarle County Architectural Review Board, at its meeting on November 5, 2007, completed a preliminary review of the above-noted request. The Board took the following actions.


Regarding the Special Use Permit/Rezoning, the Board by a vote of 5:0, forwarded the following recommendation to the Planning Commission:

The ARB expresses no objection to the special use permit, subject to the following conditions:

1.       Vehicles shall not be elevated anywhere on site.

2.       Vehicles shall be displayed only in areas indicated for display shown on the plan entitled “Flow Automotives” prepared by Collins Engineering and dated 9/17/07. Display parking shall be only in designated striped parking spaces, as identified on this plan.

3.       Final site plan approval is subject to ARB approval of the lighting plan (submitted with the site plan). Maximum light levels on site shall not exceed 30 footcandles.

4.       Final site plan approval is subject to ARB approval of the landscape plan (submitted with the site plan). Landscaping shown on the plan will be required to be in excess of the minimum requirements of ARB guidelines and/or the Zoning Ordinance to compensate for the negative visual impact of the proposed use, including but not limited to the use of larger caliper trees, additional evergreen shrubs and continuous interior planting islands.


Regarding the Preliminary Site Plan, the Board made the following comments and suggestions for the benefit of the applicant’s next submittal.


1.       Coordinate parking totals and labeled spaces on sheet S-1.

2.       Revise the two long internal planting islands to continuous planting islands.   Eliminate the gaps in both islands.

3.       Revise the landscape plan to include 3 large shade trees and evergreen shrubs in the long planting islands located at the interior of the display parking area.

4.       In the planting areas that front the EC replace the Inkberry holly with an alternate species and indicate the plant size as 36” minimum at planting on both parcels.

5.       In the planting island the fronts the EC, revise the row of holly to a staggered row on both parcels.

6.       Extend the evergreen shrub row that fronts the EC into the end islands that frame the entrance to the site.

7.       Space the large shade trees at 35’ on center along the EC on both parcels.

8.       Add interspersed ornamental trees along the EC, on both parcels.

9.       Revise the existing conditions plan to include the existing plants on the east side of parcel 15.

10.   Replace the White pine with an evergreen tree that provides more consistent long term screening and one that is better suited to the available space.

11.   Replace the Hemlock with a more disease resistant tree.

12.   Include the VT plant in the plant list or eliminate it from the plan.

13.   Provide shade trees on parcels 15 and 15E at 40’ on center along the shared property line. Stagger these trees.

14.   Continue the mixed planting along the full length of the area between parcels 15 and 15E. Do not stop short of the southern property line.

15.   Add Schip laurel to the planting area between parcels 15 and 15E.

16.   Provide 2 large shade trees and evergreen shrubs in each end island along the travelway shared between parcels 15D and 15E.

17.   Coordinate the appearance of the three end islands located along the travelway that is shared between parcel 15D and 15E.

18.   Replace the Redbuds with Serviceberry.

19.   Coordinate all landscaping with existing and proposed utilities and easements.

20.   Include the following note on the landscape plan:  “All site plantings of trees and shrubs shall be allowed to reach, and be maintained at, mature height; the topping of trees is prohibited.  Shrubs and trees shall be pruned minimally and only to support the overall health of the plant.”

21.   Revise the photometric plan as follows:

a.       Use 1.0 as the maintenance factor (LLF).

b.       Limit light levels to no greater than 30 footcandles.

c.       Show lighting levels out to the property line.

d.       Limit spillover at the property line along Route 250 to less than .5 footcandles.

e.       Clearly indicate the proposed color for the fixtures on the plan. Bronze is recommended.

22.   Resolve the grading issues on the west and south sides of the site regarding retaining walls, level planting area, filteras, etc. Include proposed grading on the landscape plan.

23.   Provide revised architectural elevations for the addition to the existing building. Coordinate the size of the building illustrated in the elevations with the size of the building illustrated on the plan. Maintain the window at the south end of the west elevation in the revised design.

24.   Add an understory of evergreen shrubs in the island between the Entrance Corridor and the maintenance building to the south.

25.   The shade trees shall be a minimum of 3 ˝” caliper. Ornamental trees and other understory trees shall be a minimum of 8’ in height.  Shrubs shall be a minimum of 3’ in height.


You may submit your application for continued ARB review at your earliest convenience. Application forms, checklists and schedules are available on-line at


Revised drawings addressing the comments listed above are required.  Include updated ARB revision dates on each drawing. Please provide a memo including detailed responses indicating how each comment has been addressed.  If changes other than those requested have been made, identify those changes in the memo also. Highlighting the changes in the drawing with “clouding” or by other means will facilitate review and approval.


If you have any questions concerning any of the above, please feel free to call me.






Margaret Maliszewski

Principal Planner




Cc: Don Speight 1425 Plaza Drive Winston-Salem, N.C. 27103

      Linkous, Janice S 2205 Shepherds Ridge Rd Charlottesville Va 22901





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