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Appropriation #2008045                                                                                                               $14,226.00


            Revenue Source:                        Federal Revenue                                     $ 14,226.00


The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) reimburses localities for compensation expenses incurred by correctional officers supervising aliens in local and regional jail facilities.  Reimbursement is given to localities even though the expenses are incurred by the correctional facility.  The County of Albemarle is scheduled to receive $14,226.00 for FY07.  This amount will be forwarded to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail to reimburse it for its expenses.



Appropriation #2008046                                                                                                             $177,168.32


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue (Donations)                      $ 78,072.00

                                                            Local Revenue (Grant)                               42,354.00

                                                            State Revenue                                          56,742.32


At its meeting on December 6, 2007, the School Board approved the following appropriations:







At its meeting on January 10, 2008, the School Board approved the following appropriations:















Appropriation #2008047                                                                                                           $1,094,709.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Funds (Recovered Costs)               $  17,980.00

                                                            Local Revenue (Proffers)               675,729.00

                                                            State Revenue (Grant)                             401,000.00


Since the original appropriation of the FY08 Capital Improvements budget, the following additional revenue sources have been identified.  These additional sources will reduce the planned local government borrowing $955,850.00 and the use of $138,859.00 from the CIP fund balance.  The schedule below identifies the revenue source, amount, and project it is associated with.


            Revenue Source Description                   Capital Project                                     Amount     

            Fire Company Repayment                      Stony Point Building Improve.      $     17,980.00

VNDIA Grant                                         Hollymead Fire Station                    401,000.00

            Hollymead Area C Proffer                        Hollymead Fire Station                    102,138.00

            Hollymead Area D Proffer                        Hollymead Fire Station                    452,712.00

            Avon Park Proffer                                   Avon Street Sidewalks                       61,718.00

            Wickham Pond Proffer                            Crozet Streetscapes Ph I                   59,161.00


                                                                        Total                                         $1,094,709.00




Appropriation #2008048                                                                                                               $ 17,806.00


            Revenue Source:                        State Revenue (Grant)                            $  17,806.00


Albemarle County received grant funds from the Virginia Department of Education in FY07 with a commitment to increase the number of at-risk 4 year olds served in the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) within the County beginning in FY08.  The program has been expanded to serve eight additional VPI students at the Red Hill Elementary School.  The cost of the Red Hill program is shared with the County Schools.  Local government’s share of the program is two-thirds the cost of the teacher assistant for the program.  This amount is funded by grant revenues and no local match is required.



Appropriation #2008049                                                                                                                 $ 1,500.00


            Revenue Source:                        State Revenue   (Grant)                          $   1,500.00


The Department of Motor Vehicles has awarded the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office a grant in the amount of $1,500.00 to assist in overtime for the national “Click It or Ticket” campaign.



Appropriation #2008050                                                                                                               $ 48,500.00


            Revenue Source:                        ECC Fund Balance                                $ 48,500.00


At its meeting on November 20, 2007 the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) Management Board approved the use of ECC fund balance for the following:




Appropriation #2008051                                                                                                               $ 10,889.00


            Revenue Source:                        State Revenue (Grant)                            $ 10,889.00


The Department of Criminal Justice Services has awarded the County $10,889.00 in additional funding for the Community Corrections Grant.  This grant, administered by Offender Aid & Restoration, provides local probation services, community corrections, and related components in nine-jurisdiction areas.  The original grant award, in the amount of $720,698.00, was appropriated as a part of the FY08 budget process.



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