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Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report

September 2008




Albemarle County BOS Action Items


Ken Boyd

Dennis Rooker

Ann Mallek

Sally Thomas

Lindsay Dorrier

·        Walton School Entrance (Route 20/Route708) - A safety review of this location is ongoing.  Additionally, the review has been expanded to include the Route 20 corridor from Route 53 to the town limits of Scottsville.


Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

Utility relocation work remains ongoing.  The project has been submitted to the VDOT Central Office for administrative preparations to allow a fall advertisement.

·        Meadow Creek Parkway, U000-104-102 (City portion)

It has been determined after consultation with the Army Corp of Engineers that a Section 106 review must be done in association with the culvert that serves the tributary to Shanks Branch to obtain permit approval from the Corp. A minor delay may occur in the advertisement; however, the construction schedule is not expected to be impacted.

·        Route 691 Jarmans Gap Road, 0691-002-158, C501  

A meeting was held Friday September 19, 2008 with county staff to discuss the concept of allowing the county to construct the first portion of the project in conjunction with the streetscape project.  It has been determined that due to scheduling conflicts, this will not occur.  VDOT continues work to update plans to reflect field changes in utilities that have occurred due to development since project design began.

·        Route 656 Georgetown Road, 0656-002-254, C501

Preliminary design work is continuing.  A progress meeting will be scheduled in October 2008.

·        Route 743 Advance Mills Bridge, 0743-002-282 P101, R201, C501, B658 (Permanent Replacement Project) Authorization has been received to begin the right-of-way and utility relocation phase. The project remains on schedule for an early 2009 advertisement.


Construction                                                                                                       Active Construction Projects


PM-7B-08 Scheduled Asphalt Overlay

627-039-195, M501 Grade and drainage improvements with box culvert and asphalt paving

(NFO) PM07-002-351, N501  I-64 Pavement Overlay and Guardrail Upgrades






Route 806 (Estes Ridge Road)


Route 765/668 (Walnut Level Road)

Under construction

Route 722 (Green Mountain Road)

Mid November and progress through the winter with paving in the spring.

Planning, Permits and Land Development

Land Development Items

Total This Month

Total This Fiscal Year

Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



Total Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



Inspection of new entrance conducted



Miles of Street Accepted in the State System




Traffic Engineering













Being reviewed








Rt 729

Rt 53 to 618

Speed study

Reports finalized; 45 mph speed limit being recommended.  Report in Central Office for review and approval.

Rt  618

Rt 53 to 620

Speed study

Reports finalized; 45 mph speed limit being recommended.  Report in Central Office for review and approval.

Rt 250


Two way left turn lane  (Safety, access and pavement marking review)

Field modifications being drafted

Rt 29

Hollymead to Proffitt

Pavement marking review; request lane shift

Pavement widening completed.  Lane striping modifications should be complete by the end of October.

Rts 631/743

Rio & Hydraulic

Pedestrian Study

Field modifications being drafted.  New bicycle lane markings have been completed on Rio Road west and Hydraulic.

Rts 743/1315

Hydraulic  & Commonwealth

Pedestrian Study

Design modifications complete.  Developing logistics for installation.

Rts 631/1403

Rio & Berkmar

Pedestrian Study

Design modifications complete.  Developing logistics for installation.

Rts 743/667

Hydraulic & Lambs

Pedestrian Study

Design modifications complete.  Developing logistics for installation.

Rts 743/656

Hydraulic & Georgetown

Pedestrian Study

Crosswalks & pedestrian signing should be installed by mid October.































Maintenance work completed

§         Patching operations completed on Routes 29, 692 (Plank), 743 (Earlysville)

(Green Mtn/Frys Path), 631 (Apple Berry), 634 (Spring Valley), 640 (Gilbert Station), 643 (Rio Mills),

668 (Fox Mtn), 671 (Ballard Mill), 675 (Albemarle Lake), 678 (Ridge), 689 (Pounding Creek), 697

(Sutherland), 699 (Boaz), 701 (Alberene Church), 703 (Pocket), 704 (Fortune), 711 (Burton), 712

(Coles Rolling), 713 (Dyers Mill/Glen Dower), 717 (Secretarys Sand), 718 (Murrays), 720 (Harris Creek),

722 (Old Green Mtn), 728 (Ed Jones), 735 (Mt Alto), 736 (White Mtn), 753 (Paces Store), 754 (Loving).

760 (Red Hill School), 761 (Briery Creek), 766 (Pea Ridge), 767 (Rabbit Valley), 774 (Bear Creek),

775 (Rabbit Valley), 778 (Johnson), 792 (Stump Town), 793 (Serene), 795 (Blenheim), 805 (Henderson),

813 (Star Light), 821 (Blufton mill), 824 (Patterson Mill), 829 (Horseshoe Bend)

§         Mowing on Routes 250, 600 (Stony Point Pass), 602 (Howardsville Trnpk), 610 (Lonesome Mtn),

612 (Hammocks Gap), 623 (Snow Hill), 631 (5th St), 638 (Blacks), 703 (Pocket), 704 (Fortune), 708

(Secretary), 713 (Glen Dower), 718 (Murrays), 720 (Harris Creek), 722 (Old Green Mtn), 723

(Sharon), 724 (Lewiston Ford), 725 (Dawson Mill), 727 (Blenheim), 728 (Ed Jones), 731 (Keswick),

733 (Campbell Farm), 735 (Mt Alto), 746 (Fosters Branch), 761 (Briery Creek), 769 (Rocky hollow),

780 (Old Lynchburg), 781 (Sunset Extd), 785 (Pritchett), 795 (Blenheim), 800 (Schuyler), 812 (Jim

Lane), 875 (Country Green), 1140 (S Pantops), 1428 (Huntington), 1801 (Forrest), 1809 (Havenwood),

1810 (Firefly)

(Preddy Creek), 795 (Blenheim), 854 (Carrsbrook), 1515 (Airport Acres)

626 (Langhorne), 627 (Carters Mtn/Porters), 631 (5th St/Old Lynchburg), 633 (Cove Garden), 697

(Sutherland), 706 (Dudley Mtn), 708 (Dry bridge/Red Hill), 712 (Coles rolling), 715 (Esmont), 717

(Secretary Sand), 726 (James River), 742 (Avon St Ext), 745 (Arrowhead Valley), 795 (Blenheim),

(810 (Blackwells Hollow), 811 (Jones Mill), 875 (Country Green)

§         Trash pickup to include adopt-a highway pickups on Routes on 29

§         Dust Control on Routes 697 (Sutherland).


Planned Maintenance work – OCTOBER 2008




Maintenance Budget

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