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August 2008

   13      Operating budget instruction manual and forms posted to budget site

   22      CIP project requests due to OMB

   29      Community agency applications distributed


October 2008

    1      Joint Compensation meeting with School Board

   17      Department budget submissions due to OMB


November 2008

    5      Preliminary FY 09/10 revenue projections, school allocation, and capital transfer estimates to the Board of Supervisors (BOS)

    5      BOS Work Session – Five Year Financial Plan    

   12      BOS Work Session – Five Year Financial Plan    

   12      CIP project information to Oversight Committee

   14      Community agency applications due to OMB

   17      CIP Oversight Committee Meeting #1

   24      CIP Oversight Committee Meeting #2

   26      CIP Oversight Committee Meeting #3 (if needed)


December 2008

    3      BOS Work Session – Five Year Financial Plan

   10      Oversight Committee CIP Recommendation to Joint meeting of BOS/School Board

   19      Special revenue fund requests due to OMB


January 2009

   27      General fund and local government special revenue funds balanced


February 2009

   18      County Executive’s Recommended Budget document published

   25      Public hearing on the County Executive’s Recommended Budget


March 2009

   2      BOS Work Session – General Government

    4      BOS Work Session – School Division

    9      BOS Work Session – CIP

11      BOS Work Session (if needed)

   18      Deadline for setting tax rate for public hearing

   25      Advertise tax rate for April public hearing


April 2009

    1      Public Hearing on the 2009 calendar year tax rate

    1      Public Hearing on the FY 09/10 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets  

6-10      Spring Break

    8      BOS adopts FY 09/10 budget

    8      BOS adopts the 2009 calendar year tax rate


June 2009

    3      BOS approves the FY 09/10 Appropriation Resolution


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