Ashcroft Traffic Calming Resolution




Adoption of Resolution to install speed humps and speed table on Lego Drive  (Route 1090) in the Ashcroft Subdivision




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Graham, Benish, and Wade






October 1, 2008


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The residents of the Ashcroft Homeowners Association (HOA) contacted the County in 2006 concerning speeding on Lego Drive, the main road in the Ashcroft subdivision. The County Police Department conducted a traffic survey that showed a speeding problem exists on Lego Drive from vehicles both coming down the mountain and those going up, and that the speeding problem exists throughout the day.  The posted speed limit on the portion of Lego Drive where the traffic calming improvements are being considered is 25 mph.  There are no sidewalks/walkways along the road.

Staff met with the Ashcroft HOA and the traffic committee on several occasions to discuss the safety of pedestrians and vehicles on Lego Drive.



Goal Three:  Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.




Staff provided information to the Ashcroft subdivision residents about the VDOT Traffic Calming Program and the process.  The community has followed the process and the following three traffic calming solutions have been approved by the HOA:


These three solutions are illustrated on the attached diagram (Attachment A).  Advisory signage would be installed with all of the above improvements. 


The County Police Department, School Transportation, and the Department of Fire Rescue have approved the requested improvements.  Fire Rescue expressed concerns that the installation of the speed hump and speed table would increase the response time to the homes in Ashcroft (VDOT estimates about 4 to 8 seconds per hump/table).  Community Development staff advised the HOA of this concern, and the HOA responded that the potential impact to emergency response time is  acceptable to the residents in order to achieve safer travel speeds along the main access road for the community.  Fire and Rescue service to the Ashcroft Subdivision would still meet the emergency response time standards established in the Comprehensive Plan with the installation of the traffic calming measures.   


VDOT guidelines for the Traffic Calming Program state that 75 percent of the residents within an area impacted by proposed traffic calming improvements should support the recommended improvements.  Because of the single-access point/cul-de-sac design of the community, VDOT required that all of the 142 homes in the Ashcroft Subdivision be included as part of the impacted area.  Attachment B is a copy of the letter and the accompanying ballot that was mailed to all of the residents.  The HOA gathered signatures from October 2007 to May 2008.  A copy of the full petition is available for review in the in the Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Albemarle County Office Building, 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, Virginia, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


One hundred and two (102) residents approved the recommended improvements (71.8%) and 32 residents voted against the improvements (22.5%). The HOA was unable to get responses after numerous attempts from eight property owners.  County and VDOT staff met with the HOA’s traffic committee representative to discuss why the 75% approval threshold was not reached.  County and VDOT staff were satisfied that the HOA has made a strong effort to reach all of the residents and had worked hard to acquire the signatures for nearly eight months, which is an extraordinary amount of time and level of commitment.  VDOT indicated that the 75% approval threshold is a guide and can be modified based on the individual project. VDOT believes that the intent of the Traffic Calming guidelines has been met, and that a strong majority of the residents support the recommended improvements.


If the Board adopts the attached Resolution (Attachment C), staff will work with VDOT and the Ashcroft HOA to install the improvements. Staff estimates that the improvements would be installed in the spring of 2009, although it is possible that they could be completed this fall.  The traffic speed on Lego Drive thereafter would be monitored to determine the effectiveness of the improvements.




The cost for the speed hump, speed table and median would be approximately $20,000. These improvements would be funded from the VDOT Six Year Secondary Road Construction Program where funds have been allocated for traffic calming.




Staff recommends that the Board adopt the attached Resolution supporting the Ashcroft Home Owners Association recommended traffic calming improvement for Lego Drive (Rt. 1090).




Attachment A- Diagram with Proposed Improvements

Attachment B- Letter and ballot HOA sent to residents

Attachment C- Resolution

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