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Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report

November 2007



Albemarle County BOS Action Items


David Slutzky

Ken Boyd

Dennis Rooker

Dave Wyant

Sally Thomas

Lindsay Dorrier




Rte. 618 Bridge over Hardware River superstructure replacement (0618-002-6018,SR01)

Bridge deck patch and repair service contract

                                                                                                                        Active Construction Projects

Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

R/W is currently being negotiated and utilities have started to be relocated.  Luck Stone continues preparations for the construction phase which is tentatively planned for April, 2008.

The right-of-way phase continues on this project.  Right of Way offers have been made to CATEC and Wetsel and are pending.  A Right of Way revision is underway as requested by the City of Charlottesville.  Once the revision is complete, an offer will be made to the city.

Progress continues related to revised storm water design including contouring and plantings.

VDHR concurred on 10-11-2007 that the project will have an effect on the eligible Crozet Historic District and seven contributing resources; however, the effect on the district will not be adverse. The next step is submission of plans to the Central Office for location/design approval. This is expected to occur in early December.                                  

All survey is completed and design work related to cross sections and drainage continues.  A progress meeting will be tentatively planned for January.

Survey work is completed and preliminary design has begun.

A scoping meeting was held November 28th to discuss results the comments received from the citizens’ information meeting and the next steps in the design process.

The monthly update to the rural rustic program is attached to this report


Planning, Permits and Land Development

Land Development Items

Total This Month

Total This Fiscal Year

Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



Total Permits Processed



Utility Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



Inspection of new entrance conducted



Miles of Street Accepted in the State System



Traffic Engineering

Albemarle - Completed







Rt 53

Section of route east and west of entrance to Monticello

Safety & operational review

Additional warning signs along with pavement messages to be installed in next few weeks

Rt 1090 (Lego Drive)

Entire route

Traffic calming

With County Staff for citizens approval

Rt 854 (Carrsbrook)

Entire route

Traffic calming

Met w/county staff; county staff meeting with citizens; petitions pending






Albemarle – Being reviewed







 Rt 29

@ post office entrance

Safety review for entrance

Field review complete; recommending removal of curb to extend thru & right turn lanes

Rt 631 (Rio)/Waldorf School/Pen Park


Being reviewed for cross walk and pedestrian crossing

Not recommending cross walk & pedestrian crossing at this time until sidewalk or trail installed

250 (Ivy Rd)

Near intersection with 682

Review of passing zone on Route 250

Sketch complete; passing zone will be closed; to paint crew to schedule work depending on weather & work schedules

250 (Richmond Rd)

I-64 interchange to High/River Rd intersection in Charlottesville

Coordinate signals on this corridor

Project in design & planned development stages.  Met with City to include signal at Rt 250/High Street.  Additional counts complete and being analyzed.

Rt 688 (Midway)

Off Miller School Road

Review for speed limit posting on un-posted road

Finalizing sketch; warning signs will be installed

 Rt 29

Between Polo Grounds & Hollymead

Speed limit review

Analyzing data

Rt 20

Int w/ 712

Operational & safety concerns

Analyzing data

Rt 250

@ Glenmore

Traffic signal study

TE reviewing

Rt 729

Rt 53 to 618

Speed study

TE reviewing

T 618

Rt 53 to 620

Speed study

TE reviewing






























Maintenance work completed

Albemarle County

637 (Dickwoods), 691 (Greenwood), 708 (Taylors Gap), 723 (Chestnut Grove), 729 (Milton), 743

(Earlysville), 808 (Running Deer), 1270 (Redfields), 1275 (Rockledge)

(Cove Garden), 634 (Spring Valley), 637 (Dickwoods), 640 (Gilbert Station/Turkey Sag), 641

(Burnley Station), 643 (Rio Mills), 668 (Fox Mtn), 671 (Ballards Mill), 678 (Ridge), 684 (Pounding

Creek), 688 (Midway), 694 (Miller Lake), 697 (Sutherland), 711 (Burton), 712 (Coles Rolling),

713 (Dyers Mill), 714 (Riding Club), 717 (Secretarys Sand), 728 (Ed Jones), 736 (White Mtn), 737

(Mountain Vista), 753 (Paces Store), 774 (Bear Creek/Appleberry Mtn), 795 (Blenheim), 805

(Henderson), 811 (Jones Mill), 812 (Jim Lane), 824 (Patterson Mill), 825 (Yancey

Mill Ln), 856 (Burton Ln).

787  (Gilliums Ridge), 795 (Blenheim), 824 (Pattersons Mill).

626 (Langhorne), 627 (carters Mtn), 630 (Green Creek), 632 (Faber), 633 (Heards Mtn), 634 (Heards

Mtn), 660 (Reas Ford), 670 (Damon), 692 (Plank), 703 (Pocket), 704 (Fortune), 714 (Riding Club),

715 (Esmont), 716 (Forsyth), 717 (Secretarys Sand), 719 (Alberene), 722 (Old Green Mtn), 723

(Chestnut Grove), 724 (Lewiston Ford), 725 (Dawsons Mill), 726 (James River), 735 (Mt Alto), 737

(Mtn Vista), 748 (Napier), 753 (Paces Store), 755 (Secretarys Sand), 757 (nelsons), 770 (Mt Zion Church)

800 (Schuyler), 812 (Jim Lane), 825 (Yancey Mill Ln), 845 (Totier Creek), 1049 (Simpson),

1302 (Hardware Hills Cir), 1809 (Havenwood Ln), 1810 (Firefly Ct) 

702  (Reservoir), 708/710 (Taylors Gap), 712 (Coles rolling), 717 (Secretarys Sand), 723

(Chestnut Grove), 800 (Schuyler), 1202 (St George).


Planned Maintenance work – December  2007


Advance Mills Temporary Bridge update


VDOT will be using what is known within the Department as a Special Advertisement and Award Process (SAAP).  Accounting for typical procedures, the expected timeline for this project in accordance with VDOT’s Advertisement and Letting Calendar is as follows:


·        Final Contract Assembly submitted to VDOT’s Central Office by late December, 2007

·        Advertisement for Bids: January 22, 2008

·        Bids Received: February 27, 2008

·        Award of Contract: mid-March

·        Expected Begin Construction: early April

·        Construction completion expected within 4-6 weeks


Our staff has a high level of confidence in this timeline provided no substantial issues develop regarding our coordination with DHR and reasonable bids are received.


Maintenance Budget



Rural Rustic Program 2007

Albemarle County



Rte 647 (Maxfield Road)




Projects Completed



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