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TO:                  Scott Clark

FROM:            Margaret Maliszewski

RE:                  SP-2007-34 and SP-2007-35: First Church of the Nazarene

DATE:             August 2, 2007



I have reviewed the SP Concept Plan with revision date of August 15, 2007, the site section illustration dated August 24, 2007 and the revised color site plan dated August 24, 2007 for the above-noted project. I have the following comments. Remaining recommendations are identified in bold.


Issue:  Parking surrounding the church, future parking

Comments: The applicant has indicated that drainfield location is driving the location of the church, and that the parking surface will not be visible from Route 22, and that 75% of the parking is behind the face of the building. Relegating a significant portion of the parking is positive. However, a layout that surrounds the church with paving and parking, combined with the large size and scale of the proposed church, establishes a character that is urban or suburban. Emphasizing the building and further de-emphasizing parking areas and travelways would better support the remaining rural character of the area and the intent of the ARB Guidelines.

Recommendation: Consolidate the parking rather than surround the building with it. Use the building to buffer the parking from Route 22.


Issue: Retaining walls

Comments: The retaining wall issue has been resolved.


Issue: Impact of lighting on the Entrance Corridors

Issue: Buffer from I64

Comments: The development relies on off-site wooded area to meet ARB requirements as viewed from the north. Trees are still recommended along the north side of the site, but this can be handled during ARB review of the site plan. See recommendation, below.


Issue: EC landscape treatment

Issue: Parking lot landscaping

Comments:  Landscaping has been revised so that the plan more closely meets the ARB Guidelines. However, all guidelines are still not met and, as noted previously, the ARB may require a different treatment along the Route 22 EC. The landscaping will be reviewed by the ARB in detail at the site plan review stage.

Recommendation: Add the following note to the plan: The landscaping shown on this plan does not meet ARB Guidelines and will be redesigned at preliminary and final site plan review to meet the Guidelines, as required by the ARB.


Issue: Detention pond

Comments: The detention pond has been moved from the east end of the site to the west end. The ARB will require that the pond be fully integrated into the landscape. This issue can be reviewed at the site plan review stage.


Issue: Architectural design

Comments: No further comments at this time.


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