Places29 Master Plan, Chapter 5 Worksession



To provide the Board an update on critical issues related to the draft of Chapter 5. The Future Land Use and Transportation Framework of the Places29 Master Plan.



Graham, Cilimberg, Benish, Echols, Wiegand, Catlin

Harrison Rue, TJPDC

John Giometti, VDOT






September 5, 2007


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Following two years of discussion, analysis, transportation modeling, and public feedback, staff (County, Planning District Commission, and VDOT) and a team of consultants have begun drafting the Places29 Master Plan that will cover the County’s four Northern Development Areas. Based on the County’s Comprehensive Plan, public input, and staff and consultant expertise, drafts of several chapters have been completed and are under initial review by the Planning Commission. The Commission has held a series of worksessions on: Transportation (July 10), Chapters 1 – 4 (July 17), and Chapters 5 and 6 (July 31 and August 28), which have included opportunities for public feedback. A worksession devoted to public comment on the six chapters is now being scheduled for October 2007. The next steps for the draft chapters will be Commission worksessions on Chapters 7 and 8, on the entire master plan, and a final worksession for public comment on the complete draft plan. Then, after a public hearing on the draft plan, the Commission will make a recommendation to the Board on the draft plan.


The Board will have an opportunity for full review of the Places29 Master Plan, including worksessions and public hearings, following the conclusion of the Planning Commission’s process.



Strategic Objective: 3.1. By June 30, 2010, expand regional transit opportunities, while accelerating the completion of the Meadowcreek Parkway, 2 local, and 2 regional transportation projects.

Strategic Objective: 4.1. By June 30, 2010, increase citizen satisfaction with the County’s development Areas by completing Master Plans for all of the County’s Development Areas.

Strategic Priority: Develop a comprehensive funding strategy/plan to address the County growing needs.



While Board members recognize that they will have their own full review process for the Places29 Master Plan and did not want to disrupt or inappropriately influence the Planning Commission review, they did express a desire to be updated on critical issues related to Chapter 5, Future Land Use and Transportation Framework, following the Planning Commission’s initial review of that material, particularly as several of those issues are so fundamental to the overall direction and structure of the master plan. Staff will give a brief introduction about the plan’s long-range perspective, an overview of the Transportation network, and a description of the major issues raised by the public and the Planning Commission at this worksession. A summary of issues that have been identified to date by the Commission are contained in Attachment B. The major issues that staff would like to bring to the attention of the Board are listed below and will be reviewed in more detail during the work session. If there is consensus among the Board regarding any specific comments to be directed to the Planning Commission, staff will note those comments and make sure that they are communicated to the Planning Commission.


An outline of Chapters 1 – 6 of the Master Plan, including a table of contents for Chapter 5, is provided in Attachment A.


The issues staff will raise with the Board are:

  1. Requests to change the land use designation on two properties (Cliff Fox and Wendell Wood). (See items 1 and 2 of Attachment B.)
  2. Development Area Boundary expansions south of Piney Mountain (near NGIC) and south of Hollymead around the proposed Berkmar Drive Extended.  (See items 3 and 4 of Attachment B.)
  3. The grade-separated intersections along US 29.  (See items 7, 8, and 9 of Attachment B.)
  4. The proposed transit network and expected ridership.  (See item 16 of Attachment B.)



Unknown at this time. Information about costs of the various projects recommended in the master plan, as well as possible funding sources, will be included in Chapter 8: Implementation.



No action is requested of the Board. This information is being provided for the Board’s information.



  1. Master Plan Outline
          Draft Plan - Chapter 5
  2.       Draft Plan - Chapter 6
  3. Memo: Significant Issues and Questions on Chapter 5 Discussed by the Planning Commission on July 31, 2007, and August 28, 2007. This memo has four appendices:

                               I.      Request for Redesignation of Property—Cliff Fox

                             II.      Request for Redesignation of Property—Wendell Wood

                          III.      Proposed Land Use Changes, Wendell Wood, February 19, 2007 (diagram)

                           IV.      Framework Map (North) showing location of two proposed land use changes

Planning Commission action memo for July 31 and August 28, 2007
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