Appendix I.


Request for Redesignation of Property Shown on Places29 Future Land Use Framework Map: Cliff Fox, TMP 32-33 (and 32-34)


Cliff Fox has requested that TMP 32-33 and an adjacent parcel (TMP 32-34) be redesignated. The current Comprehensive Plan shows these parcels as Urban Density Residential. Places29 is recommending the same designation. Mr. Fox would like to see these parcels redesignated to allow for either office or mixed use development. As an alternative, he has asked that the Community Center now proposed between Worth Crossing and US 29 (including the southeast corner of Worth Crossing/Proffit Road) be expanded to include his property. Staff has reviewed this request and discussed it at length with both the owner and the consultants.


Staff does not recommend changing the designation on TMP 32-33 and 32-34 (directly west of TMP 32-33) or adjusting the Community Center boundary to include these two parcels.


Staff has not identified any reasons that support changing the proposed land use designation or altering the shape of the Center.


Staff has identified several reasons why the proposed land use designation should not be changed and why the Center should not be expanded:

1.      The two parcels are surrounded by other parcels that are designated Urban Density Residential (UDR). This residential area is intended to provide housing needed in the Places29 area. While one nearby UDR parcel has an electrical substation on it and another has severe environmental constraints, the entire area is more suitable for housing than commercial development. The substation is expected to remain and the parcel with environmental constraints could be included in a larger development as a park.

2.      Maintaining this area as residential (UDR) means that residents will be within walking distance of the Community Center and, therefore, provide part of its customer base.

3.      Based on the market analysis prepared for Places29, the area does not need any more retail or office development.

4.      Retail or office development on these parcels will not have much visibility from a major street, including US 29, which will make it more difficult for retail businesses to be successful.



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