Attachment A


Appropriation #2008013                                                                                                            $918,485.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue                                        $554,516.00

                                                            State Revenue                                          363,969.00


The County of Albemarle is fiscal agent for the Commission on Children and Families.  This request will appropriate the Commission on Children and Families FY08 operating budget.


Appropriation #2008014                                                                                                             $ 12,000.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue                                       $  12,000.00


The J&E Berkley Foundation has awarded the Albemarle County Fire Rescue Department a grant in the amount of $12,000.00.  This award will enable the continuation of a free smoke detector program targeted to bring single family residences into compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommendations.  This program targets social-economic groups that are at-risk and usually cannot afford smoke detectors.  There is no local match.


Appropriation #2008015                                                                                                              $  3,800.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue                                       $    3,800.00


The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office has received $3,800.00 in funding from the University of Virginia to fund a second-year law student intern in their office.



Appropriation #2008016                                                                                                             $  67,382.00


            Revenue Source:                        State Revenue  (Grant)                           $  67,382.00


The Virginia Department of Health has awarded the County a grant in the amount of $67,382.00 on behalf of the Foothills Child Advocacy Center.  Foothills Children’s Advocacy Center is a project of the Charlottesville/ Albemarle Commission on Children and Families providing a culturally sensitive, coordinated community response to allegation of child abuse in a dedicated, child friendly setting.  Foothills coordinates a multi-disciplinary team with members from city and county police departments, social services, victim witness, Commonwealth’s Attorneys, Region Ten, among others, who along with Foothills staff work together on child abuse investigations and treatment for child victims and their non-offending family/caregivers.  There is no local match.



Appropriation #2008017                                                                                                             $150,131.21


            Revenue Source:                        State Revenue (Grant)                            $  65,241.23

                                                            Federal Revenue (Grant)                 70,651.20

                                                            Other Fund Balances                                 14,238.78


The following public safety grants have not expended all funding as of June 30, 2006 and will require re-appropriation.  No additional local funding is required.






Appropriation #2008018                                                                                                                $ 1,000.00


            Revenue Source:                        School Fund Balance                             $  1,000.00


At its meeting on August 9, 2007, the School Board approved the following appropriation:


Red Hill Elementary School received a donation from the Wal-Mart Foundation in the amount of $1,000.00.  It has been requested that this donation be used to support Guidance and Character Education at Red Hill Elementary School.  The donation was received on behalf of our guidance counselor, Cindy Payne as Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year.  These monies were received in FY06/07 and are requested for appropriation in FY07/08.


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