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Thomas Jefferson Partnership Support of

Albemarle County’s Economic Development Objectives



The Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development (TJPED) will work with Albemarle County in a number of areas that are designed to support the accomplishment of its economic development objectives.  The stated areas of activity are not intended to limit the work done on the County’s behalf, but merely attempts to identify those key initiatives that will complement and augment what is being done or what is desired to be done by staff.


Two major areas of engagement will be with existing businesses in the county and with those designated businesses currently outside the county that can satisfy their operational needs in appropriate, pre-determined county locations identified in the Comprehensive Plan.


Existing Businesses


Help establish connections with Albemarle County businesses and County staff to build and strengthen those relationships that will more effectively address identified needs in such areas as:



New Businesses


By first becoming familiar with both the development area and rural area policies of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, along with the opportunities available for potential new businesses in these areas, strategies will be developed and prospects will be identified/assisted that, if located, would become suitable additions to the county’s land-use mix.  TJPED will recognize, via resolution, the comprehensive plan of each participating jurisdiction, and align the promotion of new business in accordance with stated goals







Community Relations/Communication


Additional support will be provided by joining with County staff/elected officials in meetings with residents and local businesses. Upon request, information will be shared about:


·        The regional economy

·        Available assistance programs

·        Selected components of the business development program

·        TJPED will continue its practice of website postings of events and meeting schedules, ensuring accessibility and availability of information to the Albemarle County residents


General Economic Development Resource


TJPED will be available to County staff/elected officials to provide information on subjects related to economic development.  Upon request, white papers will be prepared, data will be made available and issues will be identified in such areas as:



Tracking Activity Performed on Behalf of Albemarle County



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