Albemarle County Planning Commission

May 8, 2007


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SDP 2006-071 Gillespie Preliminary

Request for Preliminary Site Plan to allow the construction of two (2) residential condominium units totaling 16,023 s.f., and 7 total dwelling units on 1.71 acres, and is zoned R4 (Residential).  The property is described as Tax Map 61K, Parcels 10-0A and 10-0A2, and is located in the Jack Jouett Magisterial District at the end of Inglewood Drive, near its intersection with Hydraulic Road (Route 631).  The Comprehensive Plan designates this property as Neighborhood Density in Urban Area 7. (Gerald Gatobu)


Motion: Mr. Zobrist moved, Mr. Strucko seconded, for denial of SDP-2006-071, Gillespie - Preliminary, as proposed based on the grounds that the three findings cannot be made as set forth and required by the ordinance, as follows:


1.       The first finding could not be made, as noted in the staff report, because there are no proposed alternatives presented by the developer that would satisfy the purpose of Section 4.2 to at least an equivalent degree.

2.       Regarding the second finding the Commission was unable to make that finding for the reason that the degradation of the area would be overreaching for the area and that they could reduce the size of the disturbed area. This proposal is developing the project to the maximum extent possible under the R-4 zoning.  Therefore, the applicant could scale back the scope of the project. 

3.       Regarding finding 3 the Commission could not find any immediately identifiable reasons that would be considered as a greater import in granting the waiver as noted in the staff report.


The motion passed by a vote of 5:0.  (Mr. Cannon and Ms. Joseph were absent.) 


Mr. Morris stated that SDP-2006-071, Gillespie Preliminary was denied.  The applicant has ten (10) days from the date of the decision to appeal the decision to the Board of Supervisors.





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