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Discussion on Public Participation Plan and Suggested Review Process for Places29 Master Plan




Tucker, Foley, Graham, Davis, Kamptner, Cilimberg, Wiegand, Catlin







June 6, 2007



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The Places29 Draft Master Plan is moving towards its review process by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors, which will include significant opportunities for public input as the process moves forward.  Staff has discussed a proposed review process with the Planning Commission and would like to review that recommended process with the Board of Supervisors to make sure the Board is comfortable with the suggested approach.  Staff would also like to share the Places29 Draft Master Plan Outline that has been reviewed by the Planning Commission so that Board members are familiar with the Plan format and content in more detail than what has been available to date.  Staff will also provide information on the Places29 public participation process as requested by Board members at their last meeting.




Objective 4.1 – By June 30, 2010, increase citizen satisfaction with the County’s Development Areas by completing Master Plans for all of the County’s Development Areas





Public Participation

Public participation has been a very integral part of the Places29 Master Plan process since its inception in May, 2005. Attachment A gives a detailed timeline of all public participation efforts related to Places29.  The following is a summary of the highlights of the public participation program:


In addition to the meetings mentioned above, there is an active website dedicated to Places29 where all pertinent public information has been posted, including meeting materials and summaries of feedback received at the meetings. The website has encouraged feedback from the public at all points in the process, and all comments received have been shared with the consultants.  Staff also has maintained a Places29 Amail list, currently at 400 subscribers, who have received a total of 25 enews updates since the master plan process began.   In addition to the electronic communications, materials have also been made available in hard copy and a mailing list has been maintained for meeting notifications.


Recommended Review Process

The Places29 Master Plan will be ready to begin the formal review process by the Planning Commission this summer.  Before the review process commences, staff would like to discuss the approach endorsed by the Planning Commission with the Board of Supervisors to see if there are any suggested revisions. The process, which is described in detail in


Attachment B, consists of the following elements:


  1. Staff Review (County, TJPDC, and VDOT) of the Places29 Draft Master Plan

Staff is now reviewing chapters of the Draft Master Plan. As the consultants send each chapter, it is being reviewed by a core group of staff. An additional, broader group of staff that will ultimately be responsible for implementation of various Master Plan strategies is reviewing the chapters that relate to land use, transportation, infrastructure, community facilities, design guidelines, and implementation.


  1. Planning Commission Work Sessions on the Draft Master Plan

Following revisions by the consultants, staff will present the chapters to the Planning Commission during a series of work sessions. Any questions for which staff would like direction from the Planning Commission will be included in the staff report for the relevant chapter. There will also be a specified opportunity for public comment at the end of each work session.


  1. Public Comment Opportunities on the Draft Master Plan

Staff is planning several opportunities for public comment on the Draft Master Plan:

a.       When the Planning Commission receives each chapter, the chapter will be posted on the Places29 website.

b.       Review copies will be available in the Northside Library and at the County Office Building

c.       Handout copies will be available to be picked up at COB or to be mailed

d.       When the Planning Commission receives the completed Draft Master Plan, the draft will also be posted on the website.

e.       Two Planning Commission work sessions specifically for public comment have been included in the list of work sessions.

f.         As mentioned above, there will also be a specified opportunity for public comment at the end of each work session.

g.       As always, staff is available to make presentations at a meeting of any organization that requests one.

h.       Staff also continues to answer questions over the telephone or via e-mail.


  1. Planning Commission Public Hearing on the Draft Master Plan

The Planning Commission will schedule its Public Hearing when it has completed its review and taken public comment on the Draft Master Plan.


  1. Board of Supervisors activities on the Draft Master Plan

Once the Planning Commission has worked through the draft plan and made its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors, Board members will have the opportunity to review the draft plan themselves to the degree of detail they feel is appropriate.  Staff will be prepared to schedule work sessions and arrange for additional public comment on the Draft Plan, as the Board prefers.


Draft Master Plan Outline

The Planning Commission has reviewed and endorsed the Places29 Draft Master Plan Outline (Attachment C).  This outline provides a summary of major items that will be contained in each chapter of the plan when the draft plan is completed.  Staff wanted to provide this outline to the Board so that members could be more familiar with the format and content of the plan. 


There has been concern by the public about the content of the plan beyond the maps which have been the major focus of the public’s participation to this point.  The work sessions outlined above will provide a very thorough and public examination of accompanying text and the details that support the maps themselves including issues of implementation that are critically important to the plan’s success.




There is no budget impact related to the suggested review process.




Staff recommends that the Board make any necessary revisions to the suggested review process and direct staff and the Planning Commission to proceed with the review.  Staff also recommends that the Board give any guidance necessary to adjust the public participation direction for future master planning efforts and affirm their endorsement of those guidelines as an acceptable approach for upcoming master plans.




Attachment A – Public Participation Activities

Attachment B – Proposed Review Process

Attachment C – Draft Master Plan Outline
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