The Board of Directors of the Albemarle County Service Authority (ACSA) met in regular session on February 15, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. at the Administration and Operations Center at 168 Spotnap Road in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Members Present:  Mr. Wagner, Chairman, Mr. Larsen, Vice-Chairman; Messrs. Humphris, Roberts; Dr. Palmer

Members Absent:  Mr. Lumpkin

Staff Present:  Messrs. Bowling, Fern, Shoop, Gorham; Ms. Breeden, Mrs. Thraves, Mrs. Herr

Public Present:  Mr. Colbaugh and Mr. Martin


1.  Call to Order

The Chairman called the meeting to order and a quorum was established.


2.  Approval of Minutes

     The Chairman asked that the minutes of the January 18, 2007 Board of Directors meeting be approved as submitted.


            Mr. Larsen moved to approve the minutes as submitted, seconded by Dr. Palmer.   All members voted aye.


3.  Matters from the Public

            Mr. Martin informed the Board that several amendments to the Water Protection Ordinance were passed by the Board of Supervisors during their meeting on Wednesday, February 14, 2007.  He explained one amendment dealt with prohibiting illicit discharges into the sewer system.  That part of the amendment listed a number of activities conditionally exempted from the prohibitions regarding illicit discharges, such as car washing, irrigation and lawn watering.  Mr. Martin felt the amendments were inconsistent with recommended water conservation techniques and the Drought Management Plan.

            The Chairman asked if this was into the sanitary sewer system or the storm sewer system.  Mr. Martin replied the storm sewer system.  Mr. Martin felt there should be a formal system for notifying the ACSA and RWSA by Albemarle County when information is pending, so there is opportunity for comment.  The Chairman thanked Mr. Martin for his comment.


4.  Consent Agenda

            For Information


a.      Monthly Financial Reports -   Mr. Fern stated Total Revenues to Date were less than projected year-to-date, but were above Total Expenses.  Mr. Fern noted that under the Water & Sewer Volume and Service Charges Chart, Crozet is showing a negative amount, which is a correction from last month.  Mr. Fern stated that there was a spike in water usage due to an increase in sales during the Christmas Holiday, and added a slight decrease is expected for February.


Mr. Roberts asked about a payment to the Treasurer of Virginia for child support listed on the ACSA check register.  Ms. Breeden explained that this payment is a garnishment of wages.      


b.     Monthly Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Report - Mr. Fern advised that the ACSA is proposing to subcontract to S. L. Williamson Company, Inc. to pave streets disturbed during construction of the Oak Hill Water Main Project.  He informed the Board that a proposal from S. L. Williamson Company, Inc. for $28,395 had been received.


Mr. Fern noted the ACSA recently heard that the VDOT was considering requiring paving 100 feet each side of a trench-cut in the road. Mr. Shoop stated historically it has been 20 feet.  The ACSA will schedule to meet with VDOT to establish a procedure for VDOT requirements for each project.  Mr. Larsen asked if there have been discussions with VDOT regarding paving in Scottsville.  Mr. Fern replied that discussions with VDOT have not yet been held, but a discussion will be necessary.  Mr. Humphris asked if VDOT has formally adopted this pavement policy.  Mr. Fern stated he is not sure whether it has been officially adopted.  Mr. Humphris asked if approval from the Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Board would be required.  Mr. Shoop replied that different VDOT Residencies have different criteria.  Mr. Humphris suggested the ACSA may wish to consult with this area’s CTB member, Butch Davies.  Mr. Larsen felt this should not only be a concern for the ACSA, but other water authorities within the Commonwealth. 


Mr. Fern requested that the Board approve and appropriate funds and allow the ACSA to move forward with the paving of the Oak Hill Water Main Project.


Mr. Roberts moved to approve $28,395 from the Repair, Replacement, and Rehabilitation (3R) Fund for the paving of the Oak Hill Water Main Project, seconded by Mr. Humphris.  All members voted aye.


Mr. Humphris asked how many generators were purchased by the ACSA.  Mr. Fern replied three.  Mr. Shoop explained there are seven different pump stations where generators could be placed during a complete power outage.  He stated that during a complete power outage, one generator would be permanently installed at the Canterbury Hills Pump Station.  He noted once the upper water tank is full, there would be two days of water supply available for the Canterbury area, allowing the generator to be moved to another pump station.  Mr. Humphris asked how long the process takes to move the generator from one pump station to another.  Mr. Shoop replied one-half day.


Dr. Palmer noted the two month extension regarding construction of the Ragged Mountain Water Phase 1 Project due to pending sale of property.  Mr. Shoop replied the old Jefferson Lodge property located at the end of Fontaine Avenue is pending sale. The property has gone through several different site plans over the years.  The Ragged Mountain Water Phase 1 Project is the latest plan to replace the old cast iron water pipes.  Mr. Bowling stated he believes there is a proposal for townhouses to be constructed on the property.


Dr. Palmer asked about the fire flow mentioned in Item M of the CIP memorandum regarding Candlewyck Loop.  Mr. Gorham explained that the fire flow could be increased through the proposed pipe interconnection.  The interconnect provides assurance against loss of service of the Rivanna Stillhouse pipe and allows a secondary feed into the Candlewyck Loop area.  The existing pipe in Wendover and Devonshire is 4-inches in diameter.  Later in the Agenda, there will be a request for additional design work to replace the pipe with one 8-inches in diameter.


c.      RWSA Minutes of December 18, 2006 Meeting - Mr. Fern asked if the Board had any questions regarding the minutes.  No questions were asked by the Board.   


5.      Camp Holiday Trails Water Main Project

Mr. Fern informed the Board that the Charlottesville City Council approved the first reading of the easement document for the Camp Holiday Trails Water Main Project.   He noted it is expected the City Council will approve the second reading at their meeting on February 20, 2007.  This will allow the ACSA to move forward with the design of the water main from the Ednam Tank to Camp Holiday Trails.  Mr. Fern stated the ACSA has negotiated a scope of services and engineering fee with Draper Aden Associates for design of the water main.  He asked the Board to authorize and appropriate $23,500 to initiate the design of the project. 

Mr. Larsen asked if the $23,500 is part of the $153,000 listed in the CIP.  Mr. Fern replied it is and added construction is anticipated to start this summer.


 Mr. Larsen moved to authorize and appropriate $23,500 to initiate an engineering design of the Camp Holiday Trails Water Main Project, and authorize the Executive Director to enter into a contract with Draper Aden Associates for this project, seconded by Mr. Humphris.  All members voted aye.


6.  West Leigh Drive Water System Replacement Project – Amendment No. 1

            Mr. Fern stated the ACSA is looking to amend Whitman, Requardt and Associates’ contract in the amount of $11,925 to include additional design services for approximately 1,300 lineal feet of water main to the project.

            Mr. Larsen referred to the map showing the original alignment in red and asked if the alignment was more than what is shown (Attached as Page 7058).  Mr. Fern replied yes, and as the map shows, the extension goes from West Leigh Drive to the connection point behind Candlewyck Drive.  Mr. Larsen asked if fire hydrants are located on Candlewyck Drive.  Mr. Gorham replied yes.


            Mr. Larsen moved to authorize and appropriate $11,925 to the contract with Whitman, Requardt and Associates, LLP for Amendment No. 1 to the West Leigh Drive Water Replacement Projects, seconded by Dr. Palmer.  All members voted aye.


7.  ACSA Operations Center Interior Building Renovations – Contract Award

Mr. Fern referred to the memorandum provided to the Board showing a breakdown of bid items and bids received (Attached as Pages 7058-7059).  He stated on Tuesday, February 13, 2007, the ACSA received bids from two of the three pre-qualified contractors for the project.  The two bids received were from Artisan Construction, Inc. and R. E. Lee and Sons, Inc.  Mr. Fern explained the third pre-qualified contractor, Martin Horn, Inc. did not submit a bid because the superintendent for the project was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital and will be out for several months.  Mr. Fern stated the total bid for Artisan Construction, Inc. was $430,085 and R. E. Lee and Sons, Inc. $446,267, with a difference of less than 4% between the two bids.

Mr. Fern stated the Interior Building Renovations Project has a budget of $240,000. Two items in the Artisan Construction, Inc. bid, demolition and general construction, total $198,301.  Page 2 of the memorandum shows a breakdown of items and estimated cost totaling $238,501. 

Mr. Fern referred to the last two bid items which address the replacement of the roof-top units for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system.  He stated that the roof-top units were manufactured in 1989 and installed during the original construction.  Mr. Fern noted the bid received by Artisan Construction in the amount of $231,784, was slightly above the previously prepared estimate.  He stated that after review of the estimate, it was noted that backup air conditioning and fire suppression systems were added to the new computer server room.  Monies for these items would come from the (3R) Fund.  Mr. Fern also noted that in talking with Artisan Construction, Inc., they have not signed any contracts with mechanical or electrical subcontractors at this time.  He stated that discussions would be held regarding the mechanical equipment in more detail to ensure there is not any redundancy.  Mr. Fern asked the Board to appropriate funds for both the Interior Building Renovations and the HVAC Replacement Project in the amount of $470,285, and to authorize the Chairman to execute an agreement with Artisan Construction, Inc. for the project.

Mr. Larsen asked if there had been any issues with Artisan Construction regarding the renovations done a few years ago.  Mr. Shoop replied their work was satisfactory.  Mr. Fern stated the ACSA had contacted Artisan’s references and good recommendations were received.

Mr. Larsen noted that only 18% of the current CIP has been expended to date, and asked if several projects in the CIP are being delayed.  Mr. Fern replied that some projects will not be authorized until FY 2008.


Mr. Larsen moved to approve and appropriate $470,285 for the Interior Building Renovations and the HVAC Replacement Project and authorize the Chairman to execute an agreement with Artisan Construction, Inc. for the project, seconded by Mr. Roberts.  All members voted aye.


Mr. Fern asked the Board to allow the Executive Director to execute an agreement with Daggett and Grigg Architects, PC for the bid and construction phase services for the project.

Mr. Humphris asked if construction would be completed before fall.  Mr. Fern noted that Artisan Construction, Inc. stated in their bid proposal that the project would be completed in 120 calendar days and that they would start construction as late as April 1, 2007.  He added the project is expected to be completed by mid-summer. 

Mr. Bowling asked where Board meetings would be held during the construction.  Mr. Fern replied that a schedule has been worked out where some meetings will be held in the Administration Office and some in the Training Room.  He added that when construction is complete, the Board will be meeting in the new Board/Training Room. 


Mr. Larsen moved to authorize the Executive Director to execute an agreement with Daggett and Grigg Architects, PC for the bid and construction phase services for the project, seconded by Dr. Palmer.  All members voted aye.


8.  Owensville Road Water Main Extension Project                     

            Mr. Shoop explained the Owensville Road Water Main Project is an extension into the area of Duners in Ivy.  He stated the project had been included in the CIP for several years.  In 2003, the ACSA proposed an extension with one parcel not included in the jurisdictional area, the Duners Restaurant.  Mr. Shoop stated the Board of Supervisors expressed concerns over the ACSA providing services to residents not in the growth area; therefore the project was put on hold.  He added that the project was included in the CIP last year, although it was delayed to 2017.  Mr. Shoop explained that recently he was contacted by Sally Thomas, through David Benish, asking the ACSA to reconsider the project.  The property owners on Neves Lane do have a water quality problem; therefore the ACSA is proposing to move the project forward in the CIP to proceed with the project.

            Mr. Fern added that an email was received by Mr. Jim Alouf, who lives at 752 Neves Lane, and read the email to the Board.

Mr. Alouf expressed gratitude for putting the Owensville Road Water Main Extension Project back on the Agenda and for the support of Sally Thomas and David Benish.  Mr. Alouf explained that water problems are severe and that he has problems that have defied 20 years of attempts to extract different forms of rust from his well, all to no avail.  He stated that his neighbor, Bob Caldwell, has similar problems with the water at Duners while the well at his home is virtually undrinkable because of the water’s poor quality.  Mr. Alouf stated that for reasons of health alone, the entire section of Owensville Road urgently needs access to the county water supply and hoped that the opportunity could be provided as soon as humanly possible.  He thanked the ACSA for their time and consideration in this important matter.

 Dr. Palmer asked how many properties were in need of the project.  Mr. Shoop replied there are six to seven properties along Owensville Road and two along Neves Lane.  He added that the area including Ivy Commons is in ACSA’s jurisdictional area, with the exclusion of Duners.  Dr. Palmer asked if all the houses along Owensville Road and Ivy Commons are experiencing water quality problems.  Mr. Shoop replied yes.  He added that a petition was received in 2002, or 2003, that listed names of the property owners experiencing problems.  Mr. Bowling added that a petition was received in the 1990’s with the same information. 

Mr. Larsen stated it is interesting how the same supervisor who turned the project down is asking the ACSA to reconsider the project.  Dr. Palmer stated she has discussed this issue with Sally Thomas and knows she wishes to correct the water quality problems.

Mr. Larsen asked if the homes are served by on-site wastewater systems.  Mr. Shoop replied they are and added this jurisdictional area is designated for water only.  Dr. Palmer asked if the jurisdictional area would have to be revised to include Duners.  Mr. Shoop replied that Duners would need to apply to the Board of Supervisors if they would like to be included in the jurisdictional area.  Mr. Bowling asked if there was any sewer located in that area.  Mr. Shoop replied there is sanitary sewer in Ivy, but not within the jurisdictional area, it is part of the Crozet Interceptor. 

Mr. Humphris asked if Ivy Commons is experiencing water quality problems.  Mr. Shoop stated that he has not spoken with them directly.  Dr. Palmer added that she thought Mr. Shoop had stated that Ivy Commons had water quality problems.  Mr. Shoop replied that he has not spoken with the property owners, but other petitioners have.  Mr. Humphris asked if Ivy Commons had just the one well.  Mr. Shoop replied he was not aware of how many wells they use.  Dr. Palmer asked if Ivy Commons has asked to be included in the project.  Mr. Shoop replied yes, and added that by installing an 8 inch diameter water main, fire protection could also be provided.    

Mr. Fern requested that the Board authorize staff to petition the affected property owners.


Dr. Palmer moved to authorize staff to petition the affected property owners, and use the results to define a scope of services for the design and construction of the water main extension project, seconded by Mr. Roberts.  All members voted aye.


9.  Release of Information on County Website

            Mr. Fern noted a couple of months ago the Board discussed whether or not to place GIS information on the County’s website.  Per the Board’s request, Mr. Fern spoke with Judith Mueller, advisor to the Federal Department of Homeland Security.  Ms. Mueller stated that the Department of Homeland Security is discouraging sewer authorities and municipalities from making such information available on websites.  Mr. Fern added that in addition, the ACSA Staff called 37 Authorities throughout the State of Virginia and found that 23 have information available on GIS, but that only 4 allow on-line access to that information.  He added that quite a few of the authorities expressed concern over whether or not they should be putting this information on-line for the public to access.  Mr. Bowling asked if the ACSA allows the public to come to the Administration Operations Center for the information needed.  Mr. Fern replied that the ACSA does, and will make copies as needed for them.  Mr. Bowling asked if that allows the ACSA to pre-select who has access to this information and if we charge them a fee.  Mr. Fern stated the ACSA does charge a fee to the public for this service.

            The Chairman stated that when the GIS system was first introduced, he suggested that it could pay for itself by selling the information, but was told the Freedom of Information Act does not allow the ACSA to make a profit by doing so.  Mr. Bowling explained that code provisions exist that apply to this type of information.  Mr. Shoop stated the ACSA can charge up to the cost of developing and maintaining the GIS, but are charging far less.  He added that currently sales run less than $10,000 in revenue a year, which really does not cover the original aerial photography, software and software maintenance. 

            The Chairman asked if the County will be placing topographic maps on their website.  Mr. Shoop replied that permission was given to the County, by the ACSA, to post 5-foot topographic contours and fire hydrant locations.  The Chairman stated that he could not imagine why this information would be of interest to terrorists.  Dr. Palmer felt there was not a need to do so at this time.  The Chairman stated the consensus was not to release ACSA information to the County at this time.  Mr. Fern stated he would notify the County.  


10.  Red Hill Community Water System

            Mr. Fern informed the Board that on February 8, 2007, representatives from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), County of Albemarle Planning Department, RWSA and ACSA met with the Oakey’s, owners of the well site, to discuss the project.  The Oakey’s have stated that they are in favor of the project and are willing to sell some of the property, around the well site.  Initially, the Oakey’s thought they would like to sell to RWSA approximately 4 acres, but only less than ½ of acre is needed.  The Oakey’s are going to consult with their real estate agent and provide the ACSA with a proposal at the end of February.  Mr. Fern stated the purchase price of the land would be needed before finalizing the Interagency Agreement with DEQ. 

            Mr. Bowling asked if the issue with the Oakey’s wanting to connect to the water system had been resolved.  Mr. Fern replied that the Oakey’s understand that the Board of Supervisors will not allow them to connect to the system because they are not in the Jurisdictional Area.  Dr. Palmer asked, if the Oakey’s were to experience water problems, would they be allowed to do so.  Mr. Fern replied they could petition the Board of Supervisors at that time.

Mr. Bowling asked if the Oakey property was located in the same area as the petroleum discharge.  Mr. Fern replied they are not.  The Chairman asked if the well had been drilled and if there is plenty of water.  Mr. Fern replied yes, that the well was rated at 29 gpm, but limited by the pump itself, not on the well yield. 

Mr. Larsen asked if the Oakey’s may ask for more than ½ acre to be purchased.  Mr. Fern replied there is discussion of purchasing approximately 4 acres, which includes the southwest corner of the Oakey property.  Mr. Fern added that RWSA may wish to subdivide the property if the Oakey’s want to sell them 4 acres. 

Mr. Humphris asked if a water tank is required for the property.  Mr. Fern stated the hydropneumatic tank removed from the Mill Creek Pump Station would be placed on the well site.  He added this would allow for water treatment and the Oakey’s to connect to the water main if they experience problems with their well. 

Dr. Palmer asked if the area would be fenced.  Mr. Fern stated it would be fenced to deter vandalism.  Dr. Palmer noted the Oakey’s may wish to sell more land due to the fact the area would be fenced.  Mr. Fern stated there has been some discussion of landscape screening.  Mr. Shoop added the site is within 300 feet of a major power substation.

Mr. Shoop stated the Oakey’s 32 acres were assessed at $820,000.  Mr. Fern stated that the Oakey’s would be willing to reduce the price per acre for the project.  Mr. Bowling asked why the Oakey’s want to sell more acres than needed.  Mr. Shoop replied that, due to the substation and overhead power lines, very little value is assessed to this part of the property.


            Mr. Humphris moved to authorize the ACSA Staff to proceed with negotiations for the engineering design of the project, seconded by Dr. Palmer.  All members voted aye.


11. Items Not on the Agenda

a.      Mr. Fern informed the Board that Mrs. Thraves has prepared a Human Resource Assessment regarding ACSA employee turnover.  Mrs. Thraves stated the data compiled, shows the ACSA has not experienced much turnover.  She noted that within the last 10 years, the Maintenance Department is the only department that has experienced some turnover, likely due to the nature of the work, age of the work force, and area contractors paying higher wages at certain times.  Within that department, of 25 employees, seven employees did not work out the first year.  During the same 10 year period, there were 20 promotions within the Maintenance Department, seven of which have moved into other departments.  Mrs. Thraves stated the ACSA currently has 57 positions and two part-time positions.  One job opening existed in the Engineering Department, with an additional opening expected as of March 1, 2007, when Mr. Pete Gorham, P.E., assumes his role as the new Director of Engineering.  Up until the last year, within that 10 year period, there were no positions vacant longer than three months.  Within the last year in the Maintenance Department, however, four positions remained open for six months; in the Engineering Department, one of the two positions remained opened for three months.  Mrs. Thraves added the ACSA does have seven employees that have 25 years or more of service with some approaching 30 years.  She noted the majority of these employees are in supervisory roles.  Mrs. Thraves stated that most employers realize there is a shrinking workforce.  Studies show that by 2010, demand will exceed supply of eligible workers.  The labor force growth rate is shrinking and studies show that at 2015, there will be no new eligible workers entering the workforce.  The Board thanked Mrs. Thraves for her informative report.


b.     Mr. Fern advised the Board that the building’s roof leaked above the Board Room.  He noted the warranty on the roof expired in April 2006.  With the new HVAC roof-top units scheduled to be installed, the roof will need to be replaced.  Mr. Fern hopes to present information regarding the roof replacement at next month’s Board meeting.  Mr. Larsen asked what type of roof is currently on the building.  Mr. Fern replied a membrane roof and unfortunately it has a number of cuts and seams that are leaking.  Mr. Bowling added that once that type of roof starts to leak, there is no hope.  Mr. Bowling asked what the life span was on that type of roof.  Mr. Fern stated that according to the warranty, ten years.


c.      Mr. Fern notified the Board the ACSA Staff is currently working on the FY 2008 Budget and at next month’s Board meeting, intend to present the proposed budget. 


d.     Mr. Fern provided the Board with an update on Albemarle Place.  He stated currently the ACSA is working with RWSA to determine the Meadow Creek Interceptor’s capacity.  When finalized, RWSA will formally notify the developer, Landonomics, by letter as to the available capacity within the Meadow Creek Interceptor.  Mr. Fern referred to the Planning Commission’s report from 2001 provided to the Board (Attached as Page 7060).  Within the report, the Planning Commission notified Albemarle Place there were concerns that the Meadow Creek Interceptor would not have wastewater capacity for a project of that size.


Dr. Palmer stated at RWSA’s last meeting, Jennifer Whitaker’s memorandum explained that RWSA was trying to find a solution regarding the capacity.  The RWSA Board of Directors approved staff to move forward with an engineering firm to analyze potential routing and capacity for the Meadow Creek Interceptor.  This work was initiated so that by fall, the RWSA Staff could select an alternative for a new Meadow Creek Interceptor.  Dr. Palmer noted that she thought RWSA had an engineering study stating the Meadow Creek Interceptor did not have enough capacity.  Mr. Fern replied that RWSA has been working with Greeley and Hansen, LLC and the initial review is confirming that belief.


Dr. Palmer asked if an update could be provided to the Board regarding all sewer interceptors.  Mr. Fern replied that RWSA has drafted their FY 2008 CIP, which the ACSA is currently reviewing.  Dr. Palmer stated she would like to have more of an understanding and an opportunity to comment on how projects will be financed.  Mr. Humphris stated the Board’s interest is the impact on ACSA water and sewer rates.  Mr. Shoop added that Greeley and Hansen’s contract was for a Comprehensive Interceptor Study and their final report will probably address this topic.  Dr. Palmer noted that Jennifer Whitaker stated that the Meadow Creek Interceptor construction project alone would cost $13.4 million.  Mr. Fern added that this amount is an estimate prior to knowing all the alternatives.  Mr. Humphris asked who would be paying for this project.  Mr. Fern replied RWSA would fund the project, but that the costs would be passed on to the ACSA and the City.


Mr. Humphris asked if the plan was to keep the current Meadow Creek Interceptor in use.  The Chairman added it requires a considerable amount of maintenance.  Mr. Fern replied this alternative would be considered.  Mr. Fern added that increased flow has also taken its toll on the pipe.  Mr. Fern assured the Board that an overview could be provided regarding this information. 


The Chairman informed the Board that a letter was sent from RWSA on February 14, 2007 to all area representatives regarding state funding for the enhanced treatment initiative required for some wastewater treatment facilities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  The letter was signed by ACSA’s Chairman, RWSA’s Chairman, the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors’ Chairman.


12. Recognition of Paul Shoop, P.E., Director of Engineering

            Mr. Fern expressed his appreciation over the last year to Mr. Shoop.  The Board members expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Shoop.  The Chairman read a resolution recognizing Mr. Paul Shoop, P.E., Director of Engineering (Attached as Page 7060).


            Mr. Humphris moved to adopt the resolution recognizing Mr. Shoop, seconded by Dr. Palmer.  Roll call vote:  Dr. Palmer, aye; Mr. Humphris, aye; Mr. Wagner, aye; Mr. Roberts, aye; Mr. Larsen, aye.


13.  Adjournment

            There being no further business, Mr. Humphris moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Dr. Palmer.  All members voted aye.


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