CPA 2005-009  Southern Area B Study amend CPA 2005-005, Granger Tract CPA



Work session to review amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to incorporate recommendations of the PACC Southern Urban Area B Study and a request to amend the land use designation for a 70-acre (approx.) parcel located within the Southern Urban Area B Study area.




Graham, Cilimberg, Benish





AGENDA DATEMay 2, 2007






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The purpose of the work session is to receive comment from the Board on the above noted Comprehensive Plan Amendments.  The Planning Commission has held three work sessions and a public hearing on these proposals, recommending approval of the draft amendment language and land use map originally included as Attachments A, B and C of the March 13, 2007 staff report.  That report and its attachments are included with this Executive Summary.  Page 2 of the March 13th report provides an overview of the subsequent attachments. Please note that Attachments D and E are staff reports from earlier Planning Commission work sessions.  Also enclosed are a copies of the “Southern Urban Area B Study” and the applicant’s proposal (booklet) for the Granger Tract CPA.





The Albemarle County Planning Commission recommended approval with the following comments/direction.  The status of staff’s response to this direction is included after each comment.


  1. Remove the reference/recommendation to develop the Stadium Road connection pending further discussion with PACC representatives regarding the form and specificity of that recommendation.  


Status:  Concern was raised by the University at the Planning Commission public hearing regarding the specificity of the recommendation calling for the construction of the Stadium Road Connector and its consistency with the intent of the Area B Study.  The Commission recommended deleting the language from the draft amendment at this time to allow PACC representatives (County, City, and University) to further discuss consistent and acceptable language for this concept. 


Staff is in the process of working with PACC representatives from the City and University to develop alternative language for this recommendation. The Executive Committee of the PACC Technical Committee has discussed some of the issues of concern and is currently working on alternative language for a recommendation regarding the Stadium Road Connector.  The direction at this time focuses on revised language calling for a future study of a possible stadium road connector concept, recognizing the need for more analysis of the need, benefit and impact of such a concept and to consider possible design concepts and alternatives.  Once completed, the proposed revision  may be forwarded to the PACC Technical and/or Policy Board for discussion and comment.  At this time the previously recommended language has been deleted (strikethrough type) as recommended by the Planning Commission. 



  1. Provide more clarification on water and sewer. 


Status: The Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority is in the process of completing an assessment of water and, more

specifically, sewer infrastructure needs.  Final information is not available at this time. Staff will provide additional amendment language utility needs and recommendations as information becomes available. 


  1. Provide for the specific road improvements that are the minimum necessary for the timing and the capacity expectations. 


Status:   The Commission has recommended amendment language related to the Granger Tract and Fontaine Research Park that states:

Any rezoning approval and/or development of the site should be timed with the construction of recommended/planned or necessary improvements to the road network which provide an adequate level of service to support development in this area.


There was a desire to provide more specificity regarding what would be considered an adequate level of service for the road network, what roads were expected to meet this LOS, and what improvements were expected to address road network LOS.  The following language has been added to the proposed amendment to address this issue. (Other specific road improvements were already identified in the draft amendment language):

Adequate level of service (LOS) is considered D or better (or the LOS acceptable to VDOT)  for network roads in the County and City, including Fontaine Avenue, the Fontaine Avenue/U.S. 29 Bypass interchange, Sunset Avenue, Old Lynchburg Road and Fifth Street



Please note that the changes made to the proposed amendment language in response to the Commission’s direction are highlighted in red and italic type in Attachments A and C.




The purpose of this work session is to receive comment from the Board on proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.  No action is necessary at this work session.  The next step in the process would be to schedule a Public Hearing to receive public comment on the proposed amendments.




Attachment – March 13, 2007 Staff Report

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