SP 2004-00050, Flow Automotive Companies Sales and Display (Sign #60)

PROPOSED: Expansion of the Flow Volkswagen-Audi-Mazda dealership, including outdoor display and sale of automobiles in the Entrance Corridor.

ZONING CATEGORY/GENERAL USAGE: HC - Highway Commercial - commercial and service uses and residential use by Special Use Permit (15 units/acre); EC Entrance Corridor Overlay District - overlay to protect properties of historic, architectural or cultural significance from visual impacts of development along routes of tourist access.

SECTION: (b) which allows for outdoor storage, display and /or sales visible from an EC street in the EC Entrance Corridor zoning overlay district.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY: Regional Service - regional-scale retail, wholesale, business and/or employment centers, and residential (6.01-34 units/acre).


LOCATION: 1307-09 and 1313 Richmond Road, south side of Route 250 East, approximately 1060' east of Riverbend Drive. TAX MAP/PARCEL: 78/15E and 78/15D.


STAFF:  David Benish


Mr. Benish summarized the staff report.


·         This is a request for a special use permit to allow for sales and display associated with a proposal to expand the existing Flow Auto Dealership.  The existing Flow Auto Building is being expanded in some reconfiguration of the outside vehicle sales and display area. 


·         On the adjacent parcel it is currently vacant, but a new dealership show room building is being constructed with new sales and display on that site.  There use to be a stone resident on the adjacent site, which was demolished about two years ago.  The site is rough cleared.  It has some gravel and is used as temporary parking. 


·         The intent of the special use permit requirement is to review the potential impacts of the Entrance Corridor for outdoor sales and display activity related to the dealership operation.  Other activities related to the auto sales is considered a by right use.  The ARB has reviewed the proposal and its impacts with the Route 250 Entrance Corridor and has not objections.  The ARB has provided some conditions, which have been reflected in the conditions for the special use permit.  As a general rule both the ARB staff, Planning staff and the ARB feel that overall the proposed improvements on this site improve the conditions that are currently there at this time, particularly for the existing auto dealership.


·         The report indicated that there is no planning or zoning history on this site.  Obviously, there was development on this site at some point in time.  There was a site plan approval that took place in the early 70’s.  There is no information at that time. But, technically there was a site plan approved.


·         Factors Favorable:

1.      Motor vehicle sales use is a by-right use in the Highway Commercial District;

2.      ARB recommendation for approval (with conditions).   There will be no detrimental impacts to the entrance corridor as recommended by ARB.


·         Staff found that no unfavorable factors to the sales and display request.


·         Staff recommends approval with the six conditions as provided.  Condition 2 should be corrected to April 2 from April 4.


Mr. Edgerton asked when the request was reviewed by the ARB.  He questioned why the ARB’s conditions were not attached.


Mr. Benish replied that the ARB reviewed the request on March 19.  He passed out copies of the ARB’s action memo.


Ms. Joseph noted that the reason for the special use permit is because the site is in the Entrance Corridor and the use requested was outdoor sales and display.


Mr. Benish noted that the auto dealership use is a by right use.  The review is primarily the impact of the display area.  There are 21 display parking spaces on the site to the west, which is the new building.  On the existing site there are 25 display parking spaces.


Ms. Joseph noted that they were putting in a new lane in the front of the site.


Mr. Benish said that as a general rule the frontage treatment is a vast improvement over what is there particularly on the new site.  The enlarged structure and the new building actually provide a little bit of enclosure for that site enough though it has parking in front of it.  There is a large retaining wall.  It is actually integrated into the building.  The retaining wall and the building itself arguably is the by right aspect of it. What the Commission is primarily looking at is the visibility.  But, the ARB did comment on the retaining wall and construction and is comfortable with the design.  He noted that there is actually a ravine there.  The Crown dealership is also built up, which has a small retaining wall.   This would be more of view that would be seen from down in the drainage area.  The adjacent development actually obscures some of the height of the retaining wall. 


There being no further questions for staff, Ms. Joseph opened the public hearing and invited the applicant to address the Commission. There being no one representing the applicant, she noted that the Commission could still act on the request.  She invited other public comment.  There being none, the public hearing was closed and the matter before the Commission.


Mr. Kamptner noted that there was one correction in condition 2 to change the date to April 2.



Mr. Edgerton moved, Mr. Craddock seconded, for approval of SP-2004-00050, Flow Automotive Companies Sales and Display subject to the conditions recommended by staff, as amended.


1.         Vehicles shall not be elevated anywhere on site.

2.         Vehicles shall be displayed only in areas indicated for display shown on the site plan entitled “Flow Automotive,” prepared by the Collins Engineering, dated April 2, 2007.

3.         Display parking shall be only in designated striped parking spaces as identified on this plan.

4.         Final site plan approval is subject to ARB approval of the landscape plan (submitted with the site plan). Landscaping shown on the plan may be required to be in excess of the minimum requirements of ARB guidelines or the Zoning Ordinance to compensate forthe negative visual impact of the proposed use, particularly regarding the retaining wall on the west side of the property.

5.         Final site plan approval is subject to the recordation of easements for ingress/egress, as well as the installation, maintenance and use of parking spaces, planter islands, and landscaping on adjacent parcels (Tax Map 78, Parcels 15D and 15E).

6.         Final site plan approval is subject to ARB approval of the lighting plan (which shall be submitted with the site plan). Maximum light levels on site shall not exceed 30 foot candles.   Maximum spillover lighting requirements must also be met.


The motion passed by a vote of 6:0.  (Mr. Morris was absent.)


Ms. Joseph stated that SP-2004-050, Flow Automotive Companies Sales and Display would go before the Board of Supervisors on May 2, 2007 with a recommendation for approval.


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