Development Review Task Force Report



Discussion on Reviewing the Recommendations of the Development Review Task Force



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Graham,  Ms. Catlin





May 2, 2007


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The Board of Supervisors appointed the Development Process Review Task Force in March, 2006, with the following charge: Using the existing staff work on process improvements as a starting point, the task force will review and assess the current legislative review process for improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, quality and adequate public participation.


The Task Force was appointed with the following membership:

Bruce Dotson
Ann Mallek
David Bowerman
Michael Hancox
Valerie Long
Michael Barnes
Marcia Joseph
Eric Strucko
Kenneth C. Boyd
David C. Wyant
Robert W. Tucker
Robert Spekman, PhD


The Board established the following Scope of Review to guide the Task Force’s activities: To focus on improving the legislative review process, but not to alter policy regarding the scope of legislative reviews, with consideration of the following issues:

·          Public input process

·          Timeliness of review

·          Quality of review

·          Quality of approved plans

·          Complexity of review

·          Thoroughness of review

·          Ease of the review process

·          Efficiency of the review process

·          Review processes in Rural Areas vs. Development Areas

·          Resources necessary to implement any proposed changes




Goal 4 - Effectively Manage the County’s Growth and Development.




The Task Force began meeting in late April, 2006 and accomplished the following major tasks:


Task Force Recommendations:

Committee recommendations are presented in the following three categories:


1.  New actions that were identified as higher priority

The complete list of higher priority new actions is contained in a matrix as part of the full task force report titled Attachment A.  The following are the five potential actions that the committee felt would have the most significant impact on improving the process.


2.  Actions already planned or underway

Some of the items discussed by the task force were already planned for or underway in some form as the group was meeting, or have gotten underway since that time.  The task force wanted to reaffirm the County’s commitment to these actions and in some cases they provided specific direction regarding individual action items.  The complete list of actions already planned or underway is contained in a matrix as part of the full task force report titled Attachment A. 


3.  Other priorities

In addition to the higher priority items, the task force identified a number of other actions that they felt would be significant improvements to the development review process.  While these actions did not receive the highest endorsement by the task force, it was recommended that these items should be kept on record and addressed by staff as they are able.  The complete list of other ideas are contained in a matrix as part of the full task force report titled Attachment A. 


The Task Force recommends that the Board of Supervisors gives approval to staff to move forward with implementing those high priority recommendations that do not require significant additional staff time or resources, specifically those five actions outlined above.  The Task Force also recommends that staff implement any additional recommendations that can be addressed as part of future initiatives already planned or underway as they are able, for example the upgrade of the website, the Countyview web application and expansion of the AMail enews service, among others.




The primary budget impact of these recommendations would be felt in additional resources that would be required to move the recommendations along more quickly than could be accommodated within the existing Community Development work plan.  Addressing the priority items above can be accommodated without a budget impact by making minor adjustments in the current work plan. 




Staff supports the recommendations of the Task Force and recommends moving forward with the higher priority items with minor adjustments in the current Community Development Work Plan.  The work plan and those adjustments are scheduled for discussion at the June 6th Board of Supervisors meeting.  Staff notes that the work plan will need to be adjusted to allow bullet #5, Development of a Proffer Policy, to be accomplished within a reasonably quick timeframe.  Also, staff support would be required to draft ordinance changes required to accomplish bullet #4 regarding expanded staff authority.  




A – Development Review Task Force Report

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