Crozet Community Advisory Council

Resolution for Recycle Center



     WHEREAS, as the Crozet Community Advisory Councilís

 sense of the Crozet community, with which the Crozet Community Advisory Council earnestly concurs, is that establishment of a recycling in Crozet is essential to maintain the high quality of life in the Crozet community, be it, and it hereby is,


     RESOLVED, that the Crozet Community Advisory Council hereby requests that all necessary action be taken with all deliberate speed to identify a suitable site for a recycling center in the Crozet community, and thereafter that the center be constructed and made operational as soon as reasonably possible, and it is


     FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Crozet Community Advisory Council hereby expresses its desire: (1) to see Crozet be the first new recycling center constructed and made operational in Albemarle County; (2) to be included in the site selection and implementation process relative to such center; and (3) to assist in this undertaking in any way it can.


Adopted unanimously by the Crozet Community Advisory Council on March 15, 2007


Members of the Crozet Community Advisory Council:

Ed Adam, Tanya Brockett, Beverly Ergenbright, Gloria Johnson, Mac Lafferty, Mike Marshall, Jo Ann Z. Perkins, Mary Rice, Jimmy Stork, Terry Tereskerz, Tim Tolson, Veronica Warnock, David Wayland,  Barbara Westbrook.


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