SP2006-34 North Pointe Stream Crossing at Northwest Passage



Modify an existing stream crossing by replacing an existing 60” corrugated metal pipe with a box culvert to serve the proposed Northwest Passage entrance for the proposed North Point Community (ZMA 2000-009)









February 14, 2007


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On January 9, 2007 the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the North Point stream crossing at Northwest Passage.  The Planning Commission recommended approval of the stream crossing with staff’s ten recommended conditions, plus an eleventh condition specifying that the permit would be valid for a five-year period.  Conditions 1 through 5 are standard in nature and deal with review and approval of engineering issues associated with the stream crossing.  Conditions 6 through 8 deal with specific landscaping requirements requested by the Architectural Review Board.  No concerns were raised by the Planning Commission for these first 8 conditions of approval.  However, conditions 9 and 10 involve the request by the ARB to formally review the project road plans for landscaping and design details.  The Planning Commission questioned the authority of the ARB to review road plans and expressed concern over the intensity of design review that would be afforded the ARB.  In its approval of the special use permit, the Planning Commission ruled that conditions 9 and 10 shall remain open for revision by staff.



In response to the Planning Commission’s concerns, staff recommends that the formal review of the road plans by the ARB is not imperative to ensure that the landscaping and design issues requested by the ARB are considered.  Instead, the County Design Planner can be afforded the opportunity to review the road plans for these items.  Utilizing the Design Planner for review will also promote efficiency in the development review process.  Also in response to the Planning Commission’s concern about the intensity of the design review, staff recommends that color of the box culvert will not likely be visible due to the height of the fill slope, and so review of the color is not necessary.



Staff recommends approval of SP 2006-34 with conditions #9 and #10 amended as follows: 


9.       All of the above-noted landscaping shall be shown on the road plans submitted for Northwest Passage. The plans shall include a complete planting schedule keyed to the plan. The plans are subject to approval of the ARB Design Planner.   

10.  Design details of the retaining walls, including column cap design, pier design, stone finish, other materials, etc., culvert color, plant size and planting configuration shall be shown on the road plans and are subject to ARB approval as part of the review and approval of the road plans approval of the Design Planner.




Planning Commission Action Letter for January 9, 2007

Staff Report dated January 9, 2007 with attachments

Planning Commission minutes

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