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Charlottesville Residency Administrator                                                                                                                                     701 VDOT Way

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Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report

January 2007



Albemarle County BOS Action Items

David Slutzky

Ken Boyd

Dennis Rooker

Dave Wyant

Sally Thomas


Construction                                                                                               Active Construction Projects

     BP-7A-05 (District wide bridge painting project)

Route 601, Old Ivy Road, 0601-002-6261, SR01 (Emergency Bridge Repair)

Bridge Deck Patching and Joint Repair Service Contract

Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

R/W is currently being negotiated.  VDOT met with county and Luck Stone to discuss construction. After R/W is acquired and utilities are relocated, Luck Stone may construct the project under permit.  Route 631 Meadow Creek Parkway, 0631-002-128, C502, B612, B657                                        

R/W phase update:  An offer has been made for the Replacement Park Land (Total take – Parcel 007) and has been accepted.  The appraisals are being prepared for the remaining parcels and offers/negotiations should begin in February 2007.  All R/W should be clear by November 2007 and utility relocations will begin.  Updated funding schedule to be produced in Six Year Plan update.  This project remains on schedule for a June 2008 advertisement.

Project funding update:  Estimated funding shortfall at this time is $5.1 million.  Potential cost reductions and additional funding have been identified for $3.9 million leaving total shortfall at $1.2 million

Survey update being scheduled to reflect new development and to finalize project estimate for Phase I.  Updated advertisement and funding schedule to be produced in Six Year Plan update.

The project will only include pedestrian and safety improvements and will not be federal.  Aerial survey is being obtained.

The curve has been staked in the field and a scoping meeting has occurred.  Environmental has evaluated impacts and residency staff is developing environmental permits and box culvert information.

Grading has been suspended due to weather until spring on this project.  Pipe work to continue as weather permits.  Surfacing to occur in the spring of 2007.

Greene County

The project advertisement date will be set for the fall of 2007.  The estimate has been revised and funding for the project is in place.


Planning, Permits and Land Development

Land Development Items

Total This Month

Total This Fiscal Year

Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



Total Permits Processed



Utility Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



Inspection of new entrance conducted



Miles of Street Accepted in the State System




Traffic Engineering       


Albemarle - Completed








Rt 53

Study for Traffic Light

Completed 1/15/07


Int of Rt 877

Safety upgrade request

Completed 1/3/07; signal installed






Albemarle – Being reviewed









662 (Bleakhouse)

Bleakhouse Road

Child Playing Sign

To Traffic 1/3/07


1157 (Gristmill)

Gristmill Drive

Child Playing Sign

To Traffic 1/3/07




Request for dual lane purpose

To Traffic 1/19/07


616 (Black Cat)

Between 250 & FCL

Safety & speed study

To Traffic 12/13/06



Forest Lakes/CVS

Add turn tracks for Int routes

To Traffic 1/19/07



Near I-64

Replace pavement markings

To Traffic 1/5/07



Fashion Sq/Shoppers World

Realign tracks for turn lanes

To Traffic 1/19/07



From Ivy to West Leigh

Request center turn arrows

To traffic 12/20/06



Main Street (Scottsville)

Paint centerlines

To Traffic 1/5/07


731 (Keswick)

Fr Rt 250 to Rt 22

Paint center & edge lines

To Traffic 1/5/07


 1086 (Reynovia)

Reynovia Dr

Place center & edge lines

To Traffic 1/19/07



Multiple intersections

Repair Opticon Sensors

To Traffic 1/19/07



Boulders Rd

Review timing

To Traffic 1/19/07



Austin Drive

Review for guardrail around power box & pole

To Traffic 1/19/07


Greene – Being reviewed







645 (Moore/

Jennings Loop)

Fr 33 to 29

Post speed limit

To Traffic 1/19/07





Maintenance work completed

Albemarle County

664 (Markwood), 665 (Buck Mtn/Millington), 691 (Greenwood Station/Jarmans), 745 (Arrowhead

Valley), 810 (Crozet/White Hall/Boonesville), and 847 (Watts Station).

633  (Cove Garden & Heards Mtn), 634 (Spring Valley), 640 (Gilbert Station), 641 (Burnley Station),

643 (Rio Mills), 668 (Fox Mtn), 672 (Blufton), 674 (Clark), 678 (Ridge), 683 (Shelton Mill),

687 (Shiffletts Mill), 688 (Midway), 689 (Pounding Creek), 691 (Jarmans Gap), 702 (Reservoir),

712 (Coles Rolling), 717 (Secretary Sands), 718 (Murrays), 720 (Harris Creek) 722 (Old Green Mtn),

724 (Lewiston Ford), 736 (White Mtn), 745 (Poorhouse), 747 ( Preddy Creek), 761 (Briery Creek),

762 (Rose Hill Church), 774 (Bear Creek), 782 (Stribling Etxd), 784 (Drs Xing),792 (Stump Town),

793 (Serene), 811 (Jones Mill), and 824 (Patterson Mill).

645 (Wildon Grove), 649 (Proffitt), 668 (Fox Mtn), 684 (Half Mile Branch), 825 (Yancey Mill Ln),

854 (Carrsbrook) and 1302 (Hardware Hills Cir).

(Lindsay), 665 (Buck Mtn), 794 (Three Chopt), 824 (Patterson Mill).


Greene County

628 (Simmons Gap), 629 (Welsh Run), 630 (Rosebrook), 634 (Mutton Hollow/Bull yearling), 637 (Pocosan Mtn), 642 (Simms/Taylor Mtn).


Planned Maintenance work – February 2007



 Maintenance Budget










3.                  NUMBER: AMD-04-AAH-16.0


4.                  DATE: May 16, 2006





To keep highways in the Commonwealth free of litter in order to promote the safety, convenience, and enjoyment of travel, to protect the public investment in highways, to attract tourists and promote the prosperity, economic well-being, and general welfare of the Commonwealth, and to preserve and enhance the natural scenic beauty and aesthetic features of highways and adjacent areas.




The Assign-a-Highway Program began in Buchanan County in 2003 as a way to have roadsides cleaned at a minimum cost to the taxpayer.  The program utilizes probationers, those convicted of non-violent crimes and given probation in lieu of jail sentences.  As part of their probation the general district or circuit court judges require the probationers to clean litter from 2-mile segments of VDOT maintained highway roadsides every 2-weeks.




The program requires each locality to hire or utilize a “litter control officer.”  The officer should be a sworn police officer capable of making arrests although this is not a requirement in some localities.  The litter control officer meets with the judges on court days and has probationers assigned by the judge.  The litter control officer then takes the probationers out and shows each an assigned 2-miles segment of roadside to keep free of litter.  The probationers report to the litter control officer after each clean-up and tell the officer how many bags were collected and how much time was spent.




The litter control officer should meet with the residency Adopt-a-Highway coordinator to see what segments of highway are currently adopted by volunteers.  The litter control officer can then assign segments that are not adopted.  The residency adopt-a-highway coordinator or area superintendent will give the litter control officer or probationers adopt-a-highway safety vests and orange litter bags for use in the clean-ups.  The litter control officer will report clean up information to the adopt-a-highway coordinator for entry into the AAHMS database.  VDOT will also, if requested, erect Adopt-a-Highway signs at the entrance to the locality along state-maintained highways that state “____ County Assign-a-Highway Program.”  VDOT will also, if requested, erect small roadside delineators at 2-mile intervals if there are no other physical landmarks to show break points between probationers assigned territories.


The VDOT Residency Administrator will have the authority to allow or reject segments of highway roadsides based on the safety of the motoring public.  However, there is a statute providing immunity to all public officials in the event a probationer is injured or killed as a result of his/her activities in the Assign-a-Highway Program. 


§ 8.01-226.8 Civil immunity for public officials and private volunteers participating in roadway litter pick-up program for probationers.


Probation officers; court personnel; county, city and town personnel; any other public officials; and private volunteers who participate in a program where persons on probation or community service are ordered as a condition of probation or community service to pick up litter along a section of public roadway or waterway shall not be liable for any civil damages to a probationer or person on community service, or the property of such person, for the acts or omissions resulting from such participation, unless such an act or omission is the result of willful misconduct. The provisions of this section shall not be interpreted to grant any immunity to a driver transporting the persons on probation or community service or a motorist who, by his negligence, may injure such probationer or person on community service.  (2004, cc. 387, 434.)


All segments of secondary, primary, or interstate highways will be available for assignment unless the residency administrator feels it would endanger motorists to have someone out picking up litter.  Basically, anywhere a mowing contractor’s laborers are allowed to go in their effort to pick up litter a probationer will be allowed to go.


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