SP 06-21 Kappa Sigma International Headquarters Amendment



Request to modify SP 03-91 (reconfigure grass stabilized parking and include future improvements, such as picnic pavilions, maintenance building and recreational areas).



Cilimberg, Grant






January 10, 2007


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On December 5, 2006, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Kappa Sigma International Headquarters Amendment special use permit request. The Commission unanimously recommended approval of the special use permit with conditions and with the expectation that the applicant would revise the plan as recommended by staff.  



Since the December 5th Planning Commission meeting, the applicant has satisfactorily modified the plan (See plan dated December 11, 2006, Illustration A) as recommended by staff during the Commission public hearing.



The Planning Commission recommended approval of Special Use Permit 2006-21 with the following conditions, which amend the original SP conditions and reference the modified plan as expected:


1.       The Kappa Sigma improvements and the scale and location of the improvements shall be developed in general accord with the plan (Illustration A) entitled Kappa Sigma Fraternity International Headquarters, prepared by Glave & Holmes Associates and dated September 20, 2006, revised December 11, 2006.


2. Lighting of the site shall be limited as follows:

a. Light levels at the property lines shall be no greater than 0.3 foot candles;

b. No flood lighting of the building is permitted;

c. Only the parking lot north of the building shall be allowed pole lights;

d. Utilize bollard type lights in place of pole lights whenever possible. Use only full cutoff fixtures; 

e. Site and building illumination shall be limited to the satisfaction of the ARB; and

f. The lighting for any recreational facility may only be inside the picnic pavilions. Lighting shall be excluded from other recreational areas.


3. Final site plans shall show a reservation, or provide a note, for future vehicular and pedestrian connections to adjacent parcels to the north and south;


4. A pedestrian connection from the future pedestrian/bike pathway on Route 20 into the site shall be constructed with the site improvements. The pedestrian path (from Route 20 to the building and aligned along the travelway as shown on the revised application plan, dated  September 20, 2006, revised December 11, 2006) shall be constructed in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Design Standards Manual;


5. A right turn and taper shall be constructed at the entrance in Route 20 to the satisfaction of VDOT;


6. Landscaping shall be provided to limit the impact of the storm water area on the Entrance Corridor to the satisfaction of the ARB;


7. The applicant shall construct public water service to the site via extension of the existing Albemarle County Service Authority water line located on the west side of Route 20 and public sewer service via extension of the existing Albemarle County Service Authority sewer line located along route 20 and the Cow Branch Creek, generally as provided in the report entitled, Preliminary Engineering Report Water and Sewer Facilities for Kappa Sigma Headquarters by Draper Aden Associates, dated march 30, 2004;


8. A plat to combine the parcels shall be submitted concurrent with the amended site plan submittal or an SP will be required; and


9. All grass parking areas shall be “Grasspave” unless a product deemed equivalent is approved by the county engineer and the amended site plan shall include “Grasspave” manufacturers material specifications, requirements for installation, provisions for watering (ex. sprinkler system, etc.), and maintenance requirements (ex. fertilizing, watering, mowing, etc.) to the satisfaction of the county engineer.



ILLUSTRATION A:          Application Plan dated September 20, 2006, revised December 11, 2006 (on file in Clerk's office)

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