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Stakeholder Department

Reviews Proffers Concerning:

Current Stakeholder Point of Contact & Supervisor’s Title


Current Development

Site Development Plans (SDP)

Subdivision Plans (SUB)


Bill Fritz

(Amelia McCulley,    Director of Zoning & Community Development)


Engineering, roads

Glenn Brooks

(Bill Fritz,  Chief of Current Development)


Pre-Zoning (PZ) Final-Zoning (FZ)

ZI’s are the last to review the site for overall compliance –including all proffers


Rob Heide

(Jan Sprinkle, Chief of Zoning)

Proffer Compliance

Sarah Baldwin

(John Shepherd,

Manager of Zoning)

Building Permits

Certificate of Occupancy

Stewart Wright

Sherri Proctor

(John Shepherd,

Manager of Zoning)


Historic Resources & Design

             Margaret Maliszewski

(David Benish, Chief of Planning)


Brent Nelson

(Margaret Maliszewski, Historic Resources & Design)

Transportation issues

Juan Wade

(David Benish, Chief of Planning

Natural Resources

Tamara Ambler

(David Benish, Chief of Planning


David Swales

(David Benish, Chief of Planning


Building Inspections

Certificate of Occupancy & Building Permits

Jay Schlothauer or Kathy Martin

(Mark Graham, Senior Director Community Development)

Road inspections-generally

Works w/VDOT-acceptances, bonding,

Greg Cooley

Warner Wilkerson

(Jay Schlothauer, Chief of Inspections)

County Engineer

County Engineer Approval

Jack Kelsey

(Mark Graham, Senior Director Community Development)






General Services

All development for the County  or done by the County

(George Shadman, Director of General Services)

Water Resources

Stormwater Management

Greg Harper

(George Shadman, Director of General Services)


Cash for Schools, land dedication for schools or parks

Al Reaser (Dir. Building Services)

Jennifer Johnson (School Board Clerk)

Diane Behrens

Parks & Recreation

Greenways-land dedication, cash dedication.

Parks-land dedication, cash dedication, park amenities

Pat Mullaney

(Roxanne White, Assistant County Executive)


All proffers that involve cash

Ed Koonce or Tami Critzer

(Roxanne White, Assistant County Executive)

Affordable Housing

Any proffers relating to affordable housing-including cash or land.

Ron White

(Roxanne White, Assistant County Executive)

Fire & Rescue

Any proffers relating to fire/rescue including cash, land dedication.

Dan Eggleston

(Tom Foley, Assistant County Executive)

Albemarle County Sewer & Water

Any proffers relating to sewer/water connections, facilities

Can include cash or land.

Paul Shoop

(Pete Gorham, Senior Civil Engineer, Albemarle County Service Authority)




Office of Management & Budget

All cash proffers, land dedications

Melvin Breeden

(Roxanne White, Assistant County Executive)



Virginia Department of Transportation

Any proffer that requires VDOT approval and land dedicated for VDOT ROW.

Public Roads.





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