Amendment of Commission on Children and Families Agreement



Request approval to change fiscal agent for Commission on Children and Families from the City to the County



Tucker, White, Davis, Ellis






December 6, 2006


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In 1997 the Board of Supervisors and the Charlottesville City Council established the Commission on Children and Families (CCF) to plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate a community wide system of all children and family agencies and programs and entered into an agreement to jointly fund and operate the Commission.  With respect to the funding of the Commission, the agreement stated that the “City of Charlottesville will provide fiscal and legal services to the Commission for an administrative fee equal to 2% of the Commission’s operating budget.


At its inception, the Commission was housed in City Hall and all staff were designated to be City employees under the direct supervision of the Assistant City Manager. In 2004, the Commission moved into the new County Office Building on 5th Street and now leases 2300 square feet of office space located between the County Department of Social Services and Housing Office. Now that the Commission is housed by the County and utilizes the County’s technology and communication systems, there are logistical and efficiency reasons for the County to assume the role of fiscal agent and bring the Commission employees under the County’s personnel policies.  Commission staff would be more connected to the people with whom they come in contact on a day to day basis if they were County employees working under the same performance guidelines and expectations, holidays, building opening and closing times, etc.  



Goal 1:  Enhance quality of life for all citizens.



Transferring fiscal agent responsibilities from the City to the County would impact two administrative functions:  


Human Resources: Current Commission staff would become County employees with all the compensation and benefit changes administered by the County’s Human Resources Department


There are currently 6 FTE’s Commission staff, a Director, a Planner, a Criminal Justice Coordinator, a CSA Coordinator, an Administrative Assistant and a half-time Information and Outreach Coordinator and a half-time Family Assessment and Planning Team Coordinator (one person fills the last two positions).   All current employees except one would come over to the County under their current compensation. The Criminal Justice Coordinator has requested to remain under City employment, since he is nearing retirement eligibility and it would not be in his best interest to change at this point.  Commission staff would move to the County at their current compensation and then would be moved onto the County’s pay scale as appropriate. The County’s Human Resources Department has reviewed the current compensation and feels that the salaries are commensurate with our pay scale for similar positions. Benefits, such as accrued leave and sick leave would also be transferred over to the County.  


Only two staff members are vested in retirement plans, one in the City’s Defined Benefit Plan and one in the Defined Contribution Fund.  The Defined Benefit Plan credits can be transferred to VRS and the Defined Contribution Plan credits can either remain with the City or be transferred to the County’s 457 deferred compensation plan. Those employees who are not vested have the option of transferring their credits to the County’s 457 Plan or taking a distribution if they choose.  


Written and signed statements have been received from each employee verifying that they understand the impact of the transfer and are in agreement with the transfer. The City’s Human Resource Department and the County’s Human Resource Department have worked collaboratively to insure that the transfer is achieved successfully. 


Fiscal Management: The responsibility for administering the Commission’s $880,000 operating budget would transfer to the county’s finance department. The County already serves as fiscal agent for various Commission grants brought into the community of approximately $235,000.  Staff from the respective Finance Departments have also worked collaboratively to insure that the transfer is achieved successfully. The County’s Finance Department does not anticipate that the transfer of these fiscal agent responsibilities will have a significant impact on their workload.



Although the initial CCF agreement signed by the City and County stipulates that the City may charge a 2% administrative fee for being the fiscal agent, the City did not charge any during the ten year period that the Commission was under their fiscal agent status. In recognition of the City not having charged the fee to the Commission, the County has agreed to reduce the fiscal agent fee from 2% to 1% for the next five years at which time the City and County will negotiate a fiscal agent fee consistent with the fee charged for other joint City/County funded agencies.


Each locality will save approximately $10,000 in local support dollars for the Commission, a total savings of $20,000, due to reduced retirement benefit costs under County policies.


County staff has estimated the approximate cost of assuming the fiscal agent responsibilities:


$770/per employee in HR/Training costs x 6 FTE                                                                          $  4,620

$0.013/per $1.00 of accounting, purchasing and finance administration services x $880,000 $11,900

$40.79/per hour of legal services x 40 hours                                                                                 $  1,631

Total Estimated Fiscal Agent Cost                                                                                           $18,151


1% Administrative Fee of $9,662  (50% paid by County/50% by City)                                             $  4,831

Reduced County contribution to CCF personnel costs                                                                   $10,000

Total Revenue Offset                                                                                                               $14,831


Net Cost to County                                                                                                                    $ 3,320



Staff recommends that the Board approve the amended Agreement between the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and the Charlottesville City Council on the Commission on Children and Families, which transfers the fiscal agent responsibilities from the City to the County effective January 1, 2007.



A - Resolution approving adoption of revised agreement

B - Revised CCF City County Agreement

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