National Philanthropy Day


Whereas,         philanthropic organizations are responsible for enhancing the quality of life of people; and


Whereas,         philanthropy is a uniquely American tradition and our American nonprofit sector is the model for countries around the world; and


Whereas,         voluntary associations formed to address societal needs are an integral part of American society; and


Whereas,         the history of American philanthropy is filled with the names of the earliest Americans, and their efforts spawned universities, free public libraries, home for widows and orphans, and volunteer fire departments, to name a few; and


Whereas,         in 2005 Americans gave $260.28 billion, a rise of 6.1 percent, estimated to be 2.1 percent of Gross Domestic Product; and


Whereas,         in 2005, 83.94 million American adults volunteered, representing the equivalent of over 9 million full-time employees at a value of $239 billion; and


Whereas,         four in five charities use volunteers and the estimated dollar value of a volunteer is $18.04 per hour, and


Whereas,         America’s nonprofit sector now accounts for nearly 10 percent of the American workforce; and


Whereas,         today the nonprofit sector affects nearly every citizen in one way or another, from museums and concerts, school-sponsored day trips, the little leagues and other groups that enrich our youth, to social services agencies that provide food, clothing, housing and training for those less fortunate.


Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that I, Dennis S. Rooker, Chairman, on behalf of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, do hereby proclaim November 15, 2006, to be National Philanthropy Day in Albemarle County, and urge all citizens to recognize the tradition of philanthropy as it continues to improve and enhance the lives of all by promoting the common good.


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