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Update on the activities of the Board-appointed Crozet Community Advisory Council




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November 1, 2006


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The Board of Supervisors created the Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC) in March of 2006 in accordance with the recommendations of the Crozet Master Plan. The 16-member Council was appointed by the Board to fulfill the following duties/function:


The Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC) is an advisory committee that provides assistance to County staff and the Board of Supervisors on civic/community issues related to implementation of the Crozet Master Plan in accordance with established county procedures.  Members will communicate with their constituencies to increase understanding of and support for successful implementation of the Master Plan.  The membership is broad-based to incorporate a variety of perspectives and ideas and to provide citizens, businesspersons and representatives of active community groups a chance to be engaged and be heard in a constructive and meaningful way.


As outlined in the Council’s guidelines, the group is to provide periodic reports to the Board of Supervisors on the status of implementation and CCAC activities in the County, with those reports consisting of updates of the CCAC’s progress on identified action items and on community issues related to Master Plan implementation.  This update is the first such periodic report to the Board on the Council’s activities.




Strategic Objective 4.1 – BY June 30, 2010, increase citizen satisfaction with the County’s Development Areas by completing Master Plans for all of the County’s Development Areas.




The CCAC has been meeting monthly since its creation in March of 2006.  The first several meetings consisted of education and familiarization with county policies and processes, and orientation of Council members to Albemarle County’s planning and development philosophies.  The Council selected a chairman and vice chairman at its fourth meeting and began to address more specific issues related to Crozet and to master plan implementation.  Subgroups were formed to consider several topics and develop position papers to be approved by the CCAC.   To date, the CCAC has submitted positions to the Board regarding proffers and a downtown zoning overlay district.


An expected work product of the Council based on guidelines established by the Board is an annual 12-month work plan of priority action items based on the Master Plan Action Items Table.  That Action Items Table was compiled from recommendations in the Master Plan and was presented to the Council for their review and discussion at an early meeting.  A copy of the initial Action Items Table is attached in Attachment A.  In considering this table and a work plan for the group, Council members believed that the list was too lengthy and not reasonable for them to try to accomplish in the first year.  As an alternative, the Council discussed what topics seemed most important and urgent for the group to address initially, and established several standing subgroups and a proposed calendar of meeting topics to serve as the CCAC’s work plan through early spring. In addition, the Council refined the original List of Responsibilities to what members felt was

a more manageable workload.  The original List of Responsibilities is attached in Attachment B.  The revised Responsibilities Statement is listed below:

The CCAC will be a catalyst for effective and efficient Crozet Master Plan implementation.  The CCAC will provide periodic reports to the Board of Supervisors on the status of Crozet Master Plan implementation and CCAC activities, such as:  land use; form of development; business development and activity; services such as fire/rescue, police, schools and libraries; transportation and connections; affordable housing; and community-based activities such as parks and an historic preservation committee. The CCAC will contribute to public understanding of and support for Master Plan implementation through enhanced communication and collaboration among all Crozet community stakeholders, and will seek to identify, and communicate and collaborate with unrepresented stakeholder groups.

CCAC members have assigned themselves to the following Sub-committees:

Topic/Discussion/Plan of Action

Names of Subgroup Members


Gloria  Johnson, Tim Tolson


Mac Lafferty


Tim Tolson, David Wayland, Jo Ann Perkins

Historic Resources

David Wayland


Mike Marshall, Lee Catlin, Jo Ann Perkins, Terry Tereskerz

Economic Development

Ed Adam, Veronica Warnock, Tonya Brockett, Susan Stimart

Affordable Housing

Beverly Ergenbright, James Stork, David Wayland

Eastern Avenue

Mary Rice, Beverly Ergenbright, Barbara Westbrook


The CCAC Meeting Schedule is as follows:



Discussion Topic

October, 2006

Crozet Station, Economic Development Position Paper

November, 2006

Affordable Housing

December, 2006 (No Meeting)


January, 2007

Eastern Avenue Subgroup give proposal, Affordable Housing paper, Downtown Rezoning Consultant to speak

February, 2007

Eastern Avenue Final Paper




No budget impact




Mary Rice, Chair of the Crozet Community Advisory Council, will be at the meeting to provide an update to the Board on CCAC’s recent activities and work plan.  This information is provided to the Board as background for that update.  Staff will continue to work with CCAC members to fulfill their duties and responsibilities and to bring back periodic reports to the Board regarding the group’s activities and progress.



Attachment A – Work Plan Action Items Table

Attachment B – List of Responsibilities

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