TO:                  Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


FROM:            Lori S. Allshouse, Strategic Management Coordinator


DATE:             October 11, 2006


RE:                  2006 Citizen Survey



Citizen surveys have become an integral part of the County’s strategic planning process.


Beginning with the 1994 Planning Needs Survey, the University of Virginia’s Center for Survey Research (CSR) has conducted four citizen surveys for the County of Albemarle.  CSR has years of experience conducting citizen surveys and a national reputation for its careful approach to research, its level of innovation in survey methods and the quality of their reports.


In 2002 and 2004, CSR conducted county-wide citizen surveys to assist the County to set and assess the progress of the County’s strategic goals, gauge citizens thoughts regarding County services, and to help guide the use of County resources.  In 2005, CSR prepared and presented a “Priority Analysis” report to the Board which identified specific items that most strongly predict citizen’s overall satisfaction with the government as part of the FY 06/07 – FY 06/10 strategic planning process. 


During June and July of this year, CSR conducted Albemarle County’s 2006 Citizen Survey.  At the October 11, 2006 Board of Supervisor meeting, Dr. Thomas M. Guterbock, Director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Survey Research, will provide a presentation on the results of this survey and will distribute copies of the report to the Board at that time.


This is provided for the Board’s information.  No action is necessary.


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