Guidelines to be used by VDOT to process requests by property owners for major improvements within VDOT rights of way, including the realignment/relocation of roads and the paving of unpaved roads.



[NOTE: Staff comments are provided in the bulleted and italicized type after each guideline]


1.         VDOT shall contact the Albemarle County Department of Community Development and where applicable, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), when a request for a major road improvement (realignment/relocation and/or paving of an unpaved road) is received that would take place completely within the VDOT right of way and/or the property owner’s land. 


·        The Dept. of Community Development has been contacted and reviewed the proposal.

·        This project is not within the MPO Study/Planning area.  Staff will notify the MPO/TJPDC so they are aware of the project.


2.         The Resident Engineer will provide County staff basic information regarding the scope of the project.  This information will include, but not be limited to, the location (with terminus points), length, type of improvements, and what additional properties are impacted.  VDOT shall also provide its comments or concerns for the improvement.


·        VDOT has indicated its support for the project

·        VDOT has reviewed the project engineer’s information and confirmed that the proposed scope of the project can be constructed to meet VDOT standards (general length of the project; ability to use Rural Rustic Road standards; no grading of embankments, except for possible limited work in pipe replacement locations);

·        other VDOT comments:

-          A VDOT inspector will be assigned to this project;

-          Traffic will be maintained throughout the project [construction];

-          The contractor will follow the guidelines set forth in the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual.






3.         An evaluation by County staff of the scope of the project and its consistency with County policies and the Comprehensive Plan will be provided to the Board of Supervisors.  The Board will determine if area residents should be informed/notified of the proposed improvement.  The notification can be by letter to area property owners, posting of signs along the subject road segment, and/or by a community meeting.  The impacted area will be defined on a case by case basis.


·        The project will improve maintenance and drainage/erosion conditions along this segment of road;

·        The “applicant” property is under conservation easement.    Other properties along this segment and in the vicinity of this project have also been placed under conservation easement. This project would not appear to support additional future development on the applicant’s property.

·        As proposed, there is limited impact to the existing character along this segment of road.  This segment will connect to an existing paved portion of the road to the west of this project.  The proposed design is consistent with the General Design Standards for Rural Roads in the Rural Areas section of the Comprehensive Plan:

-          Rural roads should be designed to retain their rural character…

-          Rural roads should consist of the minimum travel way widths that are necessary for safety

-          Minimize clearing activities associated with construction to the greatest extent feasible.


·        The four property owners adjacent to the proposed improvements have not been contacted by County staff. Staff recommends that the County notify these property owners of the proposal and provide them an opportunity to comment.  Staff does not believe that the scope of the project merits any additional, broader notification to a larger area.  The notification process should take approximately one month.



  1. Staff will compile and assess comments received from any public comment/input process and provide them to the Board of Supervisors.  The Board will provide its recommendation on the proposed project to the VDOT resident engineer. If the Board of Supervisors supports the proposal, a resolution of support will be adopted by the Board and forwarded to VDOT before construction begins.


·        If  the Board determines that area residents should be informed/notified of the proposed improvement, staff will complete an assessment of the public comments received and report its findings to the Board.




Adopted by the Board of Supervisors – July 6, 2005



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